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Round 18 Report

ROCS vs Goody Saints

ROCS travelled to Goodwood Oval for the last Minor Round of 2017.

The C's were convincing  winners : 14.10 to 2.7. Trent Versace continued with his excellent form, as did Joe Tarca and John McCarron. Marcus Quinn, Kristian Burchett, Jake Bowler and Mick Aloisi ( 4 goals) were others to impress. The C Grade finished the minor round in second place, with 15 wins from 18 starts, and look forward to having another crack at Goodwood Saints in this week's Qualifying Final.

After a slow start, the B's lost by 8 points : 8.6 to 9.8. Chris Ash and Nathan Hornhardt were excellent, Scott Gilbert had another good game, whilst Sam Du Bois and Nick Holland battled hard all day. Having finished third with 14 wins/4 losses, the B grade will now also face Goody Saints in this week's Qualifying Final. Congratulations to Sam Tagg on reaching his 100 game milestone for the club.

At this stage, the C and B grade teams will once again travel to Goodwood, for the first week of the finals, and play at 12.15 and 2.15, respectively.

The A's eventually accounted for Goodwood Saints, winning 11.3 to 6.6. Craig Holm and Will O'Malley were outstanding. Mitch Sutcliffe played his best game for some time, whilst Charles Jordan, Kieran Holland, Ben Jonas and Heath Commane (4 goals) were all solid contributors. ROCS finished the minor round on top of the table, with 15 wins/3 losses, and have this week off.  They will then meet the winner of  PAOC and Tea Tree Gully in a home second semi-final, the following week.

Rino Cialini
Football Director