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Coaches Report - R17

Rd 17 Vs PNU (home) match review

Having won our previous five matches we went into our round 17 game against PNU looking forward to the challenge of playing another side that will be playing finals.

As expected the game was played with a lot of numbers around the ball. This meant that winning the contested ball, tackling well and taking your opportunities when forward were all going to be key components to win this match.

The first half was a very even contest. The inside 50 count was identical and both sides were inaccurate in front of goals. The half time scores were: ROCS 3.6 to PNU 3.7.

The evenness of the match continued into the third quarter with both sides throwing everything at the contest. But during this third quarter we were much efficient at hitting the score board for our inside 50s. We kicked 4.3 for the quarter with Charlie Jordan kicking three of these goals, including a miraculous long snap from the south west pocket. Three quarter time: ROCS 7.9 to PNU 5.9.

Our last quarter was possibly our most disappointing quarter for the season. Unlike the first three quarters we made terrible skill errors under little pressure, we made some bad decisions and our competitiveness around the contest completely fell away. When these things happen it is unsurprising that the opposition were able to kick 6.4 for the quarter to our solitary goal (which was kicked after the final siren). Final scores: ROCS 8.9 to PNU 11.13.

This result now means we will finish 5th regardless of this week's result against Henley.


Tom Wigley
A Grade Coach