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Coaches Report R3

Rd 3 Vs TTG at Campbelltown

The first half was an even affair and the game was a lot more open and free flowing than our first 2 games. Early on our midfield was on top at the centre bounces and our forwards were finding a lot of space, allowing us to hit the score board regularly. Our defence were battling well, considering TTG were certainly getting their fair share of inside 50s during that first half too.

Late in the second quarter we looked to be getting on top of TTG and we went into half time with a handy 16 point lead.
Half time scores: ROCS 9.7 to TTG 6.9.

The first 5 minutes of the third quarter were a train wreck for us. We lost control of the centre stoppages, our defenders were being led to the ball and we simply couldn’t get our hands on the footy. Consequently TTG kicked 3 goals during those 5 minutes to take the lead. Despite our poor third quarter we were still in the game at three quarter time, largely due to TTG’s poor accuracy in front of goal.  
Three quarter time scores: ROCS 12.8 to TTG 12.15.  

Frustratingly our ability to defend completely dropped off to unacceptable levels in the last quarter. To make matters worse TTG started to dominate around the stoppages and their midfielders were out working ours. This allowed TTG to continue to dominate the game and have a comfortable win in the end.

Clearly when we see that we conceded 81 points in the second half there is no hiding from the fact we defended very, very poorly in the second half. We will certainly need to improve and improve fast in this area if we are to become a better side.
Final scores: ROCS 15.9 (99) to TTG 18.18 (126).

Goal kickers: H Commane 7, N Hombsch 2, L Manuel 2, P Fantasia, T Hurley, W O’Malley, J Jordan.
Best Players: H Commane, J Nelligan, J Jordan, L Manuel, P Fanatasia, W O’Malley.


Tom Wigley
A Grade Coach