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Trial Games Result vs Payneham NU

Results from Saturday Trail vs Payneham NU

A's ROCFC won 9.3 (57) to Payneham NU 4.7. (31)

B's ROCFC won 10.8 (68) to Payneham NU 6.8 (44)


Round 1 starts Saturday April 18th

A Grade
R1 vs Uni Blacks at Cammpbelltown 2.15pm
B Grade
R1 vs Uni Blacks at Cammpbelltown 12.15pm
C Grade
R1 vs SPOC at SPOC (Wilson Oval) 12.15pm


ROCFC Social Calendar 2015

18th April – Season Launch and Player Auction upstairs at the Alma

16th May – Ladies’ Day at Campbelltown

5th June – President’s Lunch at the Alma restaurant

20th June – Past Players/Sponsors’ Day at Campbelltown

18th July – Mr ROC at Campbelltown

22nd August – Special Club Function at the College