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Leaders for the 2015 season

I am pleased to announce the following leaders for the 2015 season:

Wil O'Malley - captain.
Chris Pahl - vice captain.
Tom Hurley - deputy vice captain.

Willo and Pahly continue for the third year in a row as the captain and vice captain of our club. They have both have a huge amount of respect from their team mates and have been setting a great standard on the track so far this preseason. I know they will be strong and demanding leaders for our playing group again this season.
Tom Hurley will support Willo and Pahly as our deputy vice captain. This will be Tom's first full season with the ROCS, having played 8 games for the club a few years back. Like Willo and Pahly, Hurls brings great work ethic and a fierce desire to see our side improve and succeed. Having played 45 games of league footy with Sturt, Hurls also provides our side with experience and a lot of footy knowledge. I look forward to our younger players learning a lot from him this year.
I wish our leaders all the best for the season and look forward to working with them in our endeavour to get better.
Tom Wigley
A Grade Coach