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Coaches Report - R11

Rd 11 V Salisbury Nth (home)

In windy conditions the start of this game was very scrappy with a lot of players consistently around the ball. This resulted in the first quarter being a poor spectacle with both sides struggling to move the ball with any real system. Despite the scores being tied away at 2.2 each at quarter time I felt that Salisbury North looked more damaging when they had the ball compared to us.

The next three quarters our midfield defended a lot better, we won more inside ball, our back six’s positioning improved, our forwards were able to create more space and the forwards functioned a lot better as a group. This helped us kick 14.11 to Salisbury North’s 3.1 during these last three quarters and record a 76 point win.

Final scores: ROCS 16.13 (109) to Sals Nth 5.3 (33).

Highlights for the day included Chris Pahl’s first quarter goal from the boundary into the teeth of the gale and Daniel McCallum’s third quarter snap shot goal out of a pack right in front of the past players tent.


Tom Wigley
A Grade Coach