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ROCFC Premiers 2013 - Sensational !!!

Photo's from the game - ROCFC 17 09 (111) def. Salisbury Nth 10 09 (69)

Grand Final Replay

ROCFC A1 Premiers 2013 - historic A1 Premiership

Rostrevor OC 17.9-111

Salisbury North 10.9-69


All the results plus plenty of tremendous pics to re-live the great day/night for the club over and over again.



Goal Kickers: L. Manuel 5, D. Litster 3, T. Baccanello 2, C. Holm 2, S. Gilbert , B. Littler , B. Kerslake , P. Baccanello , J. Jordan 

Best Players: L. Manuel, C. Holm, W. OMalley, J. Nelligan, M. Sutcliffe

BOG Medal C. Holm



Goal Kickers: J. Solly 6, M. Camplin 2, B. Johansen , M. Sajewicz 

Best Players: A. Morgante, S. Jordan, N. Frost, J. Solly, S. Warner


Match Review article from Fiasco Sports - click on link below

Match Review GF Replay ROCFC vs Salisbury North


Story in the AdelaideNow / Messenger Press click on link below 

AdelaideNow / Messenger Press Article


Photo's from the replay game please click on links below

ROCFC vs Salisbury North - GF Reply Pics


Plus special thanks to Claude Beltrame from the ROCS Soccer club who took plenty of fantastic snaps of the GF- Click on Link below

Claude's Snaps from the Replay GF


Plus lots more to come from Andrew "Robo" Robertson with his special movie pics spectacular of the replay - stay tuned. (Believe over 1000 pics taken over the 2 games)