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Coaches Report - R18 & C's into the GF

Coaches Report R18 - A's uploaded and C's win by 5 points against Goody in the 2nd Semi

Congratulations to Stevo and the boys in the C Grade who won by 5 points in a low scoring game against Goody Saints in the C1 2nd Semi Final today at Goodwood Oval to advance to the GF.


Coaches Report

A Grade - R18

The outcome of the match against Henley did not having any bearing on who or where we'd play the qualifying final, but it was disappointing to see us put in such a poor performance, particularly the week before finals.
Henley outworked us around the footy and their efficiency going forward was far superior to ours. But despite this we were only 3 goals down at three quarter time and certainly in a position to win the game. But with Henley starting the final quarter well and kicking the first goal it certainly made our task harder on the muddy ground.
It took until the 15min mark of that last quarter for us to play our best footy for the day. We started to hit targets inside 50m and get shots on goal. However, our inaccurate goal kicking didn't allow us to be rewarded where it counts and we eventually lost the game by 26 points, despite only having 1 less scoring shot than Henley.
Having finished 3rd at the end of the minor round we now turn our attention to the qualifying final against Goodwood at Goodwood oval this Saturday.
The opportunity to play Div 1 finals footy doesn't come around every year and I know the players are looking forward to the challenges that finals footy presents.
With the B grade also playing Goodwood in the qualifying final before our game it would be great to see a big ROCS' contingent there supporting the players in a big day for the club!

Tom Wigley
A Grade Coach