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R17 & C's win Qualifying Final

A's home by 7 points against Goody and C's win first qualifying final over Walkerville

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A Grade Report - R17

Coming into Saturday's match against Goodwood at Goodwood oval we were yet to beat Salisbury North or Goodwood Saints. With this in mind and with the finals looming it was vital for our young sides belief that they put in a good performance against the top side.
The on ground pre-match warm up was an usual scene with Goodwood deciding to do their warm up down the same end of the ground as us. We begun our warm up before they entered the ground and hence had every right to choose which end we used to warm up. I'm unsure behind the reasons for the Goodwood captain deciding not to use the other (free) end of the ground to do their warm up. This resulted in the 42 players in total from both sides all warming up in the same small area of the ground and with 10 or so balls flying around coupled with the players being emotionally charged before such a big game the situation could've quite easily turned ugly.
The rain stayed away all of match but the strong breeze, muddy ground and small oval meant it was always going to be congested around the footy with a lot of collisions with every possession being to be earned.
The Goodwood midfield were on top in the first quarter and constantly drove the ball inside their attacking 50. Our blue collar backline led by Kieran Holland and Will O'Malley defended gallantly to the early onslaught, which allowed us to enjoy a 4 point lead at quarter time.
The second quarter saw the arm wrestle continue with both sides having opportunities to score but Goodwood's more accurate goal kicked this quarter saw them take the lead mid way through the quarter. It looked like Goodwood would take that lead into the half time break before a spectacular 60m running goal from John Corbett tied the scores away late in the quarter.
During the third quarter the pressure around the footy was immense, and our tackling and work rate were reaching the standards we always strive for. The scores continued to remain close throughout, never more than a kick or so in it. But again, through sheer persistence we were able to score a goal late into over time, this time from a team lifting snap shot from Luke Manuel. This gave us a 1 goal lead going into the final quarter.
The last quarter continued in the same fashion as the first 3. With both sides playing desperate football and goals hard to come by. The game could've gone either way but thankfully Jack Nelligan's set shot from 10 metres out snuck in and we when the final siren sounded we were in front by 7 points.
The win didn't having any ramifications to where we sit on the ladder and we can't lose 3rd spot now. But it has cost Goodwood top spot which means it's highly likely we will be back at Goodwood oval for the qualifying final in 2 weeks time.
We look forward to improving our game again this week against another finals outfit, Henley.
I'll see you at the footy supporting the ROCs.


Tom Wigley
A Grade Coach


B Grade Report - R17

uploading soon


Paul Bannister
B Grade Coach




C Grade Report - Qualifying Final vs Walkerville
(2nd vs 3rd)



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Steve Edwards
C Grade Coach