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Coaches Report - R15

A's & B's win against TTG in R15, C's go down to Walkies and picture snaps of Jono's great mark vs Uni in R13

A Grade Report - R15

With the rain setting in just as the players started their warm-up, for the fourth game in a row the game was played in wet conditions on a heavy ground and muddy cricket pitch area. As has been the case in all our wet weather games the players started the game in terrific fashion and most importantly put scoreboard pressure in the opposition. To kick 5 goals to TTG’s one goal in the first quarter really set the game up for us. Jimmy Jordan was particularly lively in the first quarter winning lots of the ball and pumping it inside 50 on numerous occasions.

In the second quarter as the rain fell harder and the ground grew darker we were unable to get any fluency in our game, we only managed 3 inside 50s and didn’t score. This was even more frustrating as TTG were only allowed 17 men on the ground for the final 7 minutes of the quarter after their ruckmen was reported and sent off. The ball seemed to be camped at TTG’s half forward flank at the south eastern side of the ground for large parts of the quarter as they forced stoppage after stoppage.

After half time and particularly in the last quarter we got well on top of TTG again and won the game by 25 points.
Luke Manuel was aggressive and hard at it all game as was William O’Malley, Ben Kerslake and Brendan Littler. Tom O’Malley made his ROCS’ “A” grade debut on Saturday and made a good contribution to the win.

Since the loss to Salisbury North we have won 4 in a row, all in wet conditions. The players know they can play good wet weather football and the last 4 games show this.

We have 3 minor rounds to go and look forward to playing Broadview at Broadview this week, a side that dominated us in the first quarter the last time we played them. Broadview will be desperate as ever as they fight to avoid relegation and a win for us will put us in a very good position to finish in the top 3, so we have a lot to play for! 


Tom Wigley
A Grade Coach


Uni Blacks Photographer (Damian Leonard) sent these great picture shots of Jono Trenorden (or as the lads at Uni call us Ross&Trevor) ROCS-Hanger mark in the wet against Uni in R13

Click on link below

Ross&Trevor Jono's great mark vs Uni


B Grade Report - R15

After a week off, Round 15 saw the ROCS B grade come up against Tea Tree Gully. Tea Tree Gully, with a strong 1st Quarter breeze started much better than us. Poor accountability and intensity saw TTG have 8 scoring shots to our 1. However to the boys credit, they lifted their work rate and intensity for the remainder of the 3 quarters to eventually win by 11 points. We ended up playing some fantastic footy after half-time, particularly in the last quarter where we could have blown the margin out to 5 or 6 goals.
We must continue on trying to find some consistency in our footy as it will be become very important come finals time!
Final Scores: ROCS 8-14 (62) def TTG 7-9 (51)
Goal Scorers: J. Slattery 2, R. Grigg 2, J. Butterworth 2, J. Abfalter 1, J. O'Leary 1
Best Players: J. Slattery, C. Ash, T. Moore, P. Brennan, J. Lyons


Paul Bannister
B Grade Coach



C Grade Report - R17

 Rocs C1 squad were faced with another huge challenge this week as the 2013 season is reaching the final stage of the minor rounds, playing our last away game against fellow finals contender Walkerville Cats. Both teams have been sitting comfortably near the top of the ladder all season just behind Goodwood Saints who will finish in 'top spot' yet again, with Rocs 2nd & Cats 3rd all securing the double chance that is the vital ingredient needed for a successful finals campaign.

The game started with plenty of fire & aggression from both sides looking to assert their authority on proceedings, Rocs teaming together well to pump the ball into attack & although making the best of the early stages failed to pressure Walkerville with scoreboard ascendency. Just on halfway of the term another heavy clash of bodies occurred, but as the dust settled a Rocs player stayed down writhing in pain & was helped from the field, the most crucial & influential member of our C1 squad The Wizard Pisanello was down for the count, out of the game & quite possibly the rest of the 2013 season - from that moment the Cats wrestled the ascendency of play & started to win just about all positions on the ground, brimming with confidence the Cats kicked accurately against the wind & went to the 1/4 time break 5pts in front of a shell-shocked Rocs outfit. 1/4 time scores Rocs 1-3 (9) vs Walkerville 2-2 (14)

Some fine tuning was needed to the engine room for the Rocs machine but as the 2nd stanza progressed Walkerville were now in total control of the action with Rocs in disarray in all but a few positions.The Cats doing as they pleased to blitz the wounded Rocs outfit slamming home 5-1 to Rocs 0-1 including a controversial umpiring decision & a couple of woeful blunders from the Rocs Defence. The Rocs now praying for the siren to end the rout, a very unusual feeling for our squad over the past 3 seasons as the Juggernaut has usually been in charge over the journey. 1/2 time scores Rocs 1-4(10) vs Cats 7-3(45)

During the long break our squad were expecting an acid tongue lashing from their coach, but wary not to erase our dented confidence totally the Supercoach issued some calm instructions & a warning to bench those not applying themselves satisfactorily even if it left our side with only 12-14 players on the battlefield. The Rocs responded after halftime to play more accountably all over the ground & used their possessions more effectively to storm back into the game, rallying together to bridge the margin to 9pts by 3/4 time.  Scores Rocs 6-7(43) vs Cats 8-4(52)

The Rocs had the challenge to keep the Walkerville team at bay & work against the strong breeze to win the game but after working to near exhaustion in the first 10mins, the home team rallied yet again with accuracy on goal to stay in front on the scoreboard. Pleasingly Rocs never gave in & with another huge effort surged back into the match but ran out of time as the quarter ended but left the field with heads held high instead of being embarrassed by a possible blow out margin, with much work to do before our next meeting in the first week of finals action only a fortnight away. Final scores Rocs 10-9 (69) def by Walkerville 13-4 (88)

Some outstanding 4 qtr. efforts by onballers Stagg (Sam Tagg) & Pitbull (Scott) Paul kept the Rocs in the contest all day assisted by Rocs Academy freshmen Adam (Richtascale) Richter onball & booting 2 goals resting at half forward, Linchpin (Sam) Lynch across half back, Plugger (Dan) Farrugia on the last line of defence, the Golden Ox (Craig) Fabbian needed in defence this week, Alex Trevarrow & Lachy Kitson also playing their best games for the year.

Goal kickers- S.Tagg-3, S.Paul-2, A.Richter-2, N.Bartold-1, P.Emanuelle-1, J.Danielle-1
Best Players- S.Tagg, S.Paul, A.Richter, T.Gava, A.Trevarrow
Best team man-D.Farrugia   

Steve Edwards
C Grade Coach