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Coaches Report R12 & Harro bags 10

C's now uploaded with A's & B's - All the actions from the triple header against SPOC

Coaches Reports

A Grade Coach

Coming of two consecutive losses we started the match against SPOC, on a cold, wet winters day in outstanding fashion. The high energy levels and work rate of the players throughout the first quarter resulted in a handy 4.3 lead at quarter time. Luke Manuel and Craig Holm both kicked 2 goals in the first quarter and their classy finishing in front of goals were certainly highlights for the quarter.

Our second quarter was extremely poor. SPOC got on top of us in all aspects of the game and reduced the margin to 2.1 at the main break. After half on the heavy ground and with an extremely slippery ball the match turned into a real slog and a pretty average spectacle. To our players credit in the second half they played enough good wet weather football to eventually run out 14 point winners and importantly bank the 2 points for the win.
Will O'Malley played a solid and reliable 4 quarter game, Kieran Holland played wet weather football as well as anyone on the ground, Matt Dawes' and Ben Kerslake's hardness and experience shown through in the mud and Craig Holm topped of his hard working game with 3 terrific goals. Kieren Smith played his first A grade game for the club and made a real impact coming off the bench and Paul Fantasia's selfless work rate helped us get the result.
This week we take in Uni and Uni it what is expected to be even wetter conditions than we experienced on Saturday.    


Tom Wigley
A Grade Coach


B Grade Report - R12

Round 12 saw the ROCS B Grade come up against SPOC at ROC Park. After 2 disappointing losses against quality sides it was imperative that we bounced back with a strong performance. With the return of some quality players, we had no excuses not to lift our intensity and work rate! The 1st quarter saw ROCS kick with the breeze and although we played a bit in-direct, we had a 22 point advantage at the first break. A lacklustre 2nd quarter gave SPOC some opportunities and they responded by kicking 3 goals to keep the margin the same at half time. It was a different story in the 2nd half, with the ROCS boys playing with much more intensity and focusing on moving the ball quickly to our forwards. The ROCS ran out eventual winners by 70 points and kicked 9 goals to SPOC's one in that last half.
After having a few quiet weeks, John Harrison showed how important he is for our team, kicking an amazing 10 goals! His ability to lead into space and mark the ball strongly was a real 'pleasure' to watch! Josh Weaver in his back-pocket had an outstanding 1st half. He is really settling into his role in the team. Steve McKenna in his return after injury worked super hard on-ball, where his ability to run and carry the footy was a big contributing factor to our strong 2nd half. Tom Taylor and Nic Janetski were also strong corntributors on-ball, where there toughness in close was excellent.
Next week sees us play Adelaide Uni. After playing a disappointing game against them last time and a return to form, its important that we play well against them and have a win against a team higher on the ladder than us.
Final Scores: ROCS 15-9 (99) def SPOC 4-5 (29)
Goal Scorers: J. Harrison 10, N. Janetzki 2, J. Tagg 1, J. O'Leary 1, S. Fitzgerald 1
Best Players: J.Harrison, J. Weaver, S. McKenna, T. Taylor, N. Janetzki


Paul Bannister
B Grade Coach


C Grade Report - R13

Back at the Quarry - A huge day on the Rocs Social Calendar 'Sponsors Day' & the chance for all 3 sides to 'get back on track' with improved on field displays, much needed to regain confidence & belief in our Clubs quest this season. The C1 squad were greeted with plenty of rain to begin the clash with College rivals SPOC. A more positive group left the change rooms with the promise to start the game switched on & hungry for the contest.

A very strong start by the engine room had Rocs into attack & on the scoreboard with a great goal to Jersey Boy Emanuele within the first few seconds of play. Bunji O’Conner, the Wizard Pisanello,(Sam) Tagg & Pigeon (Conner) Deegan thrived on Murf (Pat) Murphy's control in the ruck contests & moved the ball, With fluency into a dominant forward structure as Golden Ox (Craig Fabbian) at CHF, H-Bomb (Hados) Edwards & Jersey Boy Emanuele leading from the goal square all providing direct options towards goal worked hard to stay on top of SPOCs defence. Jersey Boy doing extremely well booting 3 goals in the first stanza backed up with goals to Abswing (Jesse) Abfalter & the One Legged Ranga (Hados) Edwards finishing the great teamwork that the Rocs displayed, hard at the ball & playing with desire & intent to perform at their best, running out the qtr. well on top of SPOC as well as kicking accurately on goal. 1/4 time scores. Rocs 5-1(31)  vs SPOC 1-0(6)

Rocs players all over the park lifted their work rate to absorb any challenge that SPOC had worked hard to create, as a tight & cohesive back line led by (Brad) Holloween Hollis held their opponents to minimal impact & ran to back up each other & provide options working forward as (Jack) McSpozza McCarron, Bazooka (Matt Bazzica), Chuck Norris & Stevie Russo teamed together in defence. Wingmen Rowdy (Josh) O’Leary & The Experiment (Chris Press) played with courage & a desperate urgency making sure that they were never out of the contest, regaining possession to use the ball effectively. Rocs kept building on their work rate & second efforts - something that has been missing over the past few weeks. The Red & Blacks went into 3/4 time break with a commanding 60pt lead, needing to keep up the efforts required to increase our lead & not drop off the commitment & desperation they had shown in the match so far. 3/4 Time scores Rocs 11-7(73)  vs. SPOC  2-1(13)

The final stanza unfolded as Rocs ran hard with determination & commitment to do the hard things as a team unit to steady a wonky Academy of Footballs cause & not fall away under pressure to erase the super efforts displayed this season so far. (Jack) Tooth Pick Used in many rolls in his freshman year so far, had the benefit of a 'hands on' lesson from Rocs stalwart ruck man Murf(Pat) Murphy , the No1 Ruckman at Rocs Academy gave much expert advice to the young Tooth, working together to dominate the majority of the contests at stoppage during the game. Lynchpin (Sam) Lynch accepted his challenge to hold down the important role of CHB, putting in a great effort with second/third efforts part of his promising play. Rocs again wayward on goal kept running & harassing till the final bell running out winners by 71 pts.  

Goal kickers - P.Emanuele-5, H.Edwards-4, J.Abfalter-2, M.Zamparelli-1, C.Deegan-1, A.O’Conner-1
Best players
- V.Pisanello, B.Hollis, M.Bazzica, C.Press, C.Fabbian
Best team man -  A. O’Conner


Steve Edwards
C Grade Coach