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Coaches Report - R11/R12

A's, B & C Grade for reports all uploaded

A Grade Report - R11

The A grade group were keen to respond to the previous weeks loss to Goodwood. However, in the middle two quarters they were completely outplayed by a hard running, efficient and skilful Salisbury North outfit. During the middle two quarters Salisbury North kicked 13.4 to ROCS 2.6 and the score a three quarter time read Salisbury North 15.5 to ROCS 4.9. During this period the ROCS players simply gave their opponents too much space, our pressure was virtually non-existent and when we did win the ball we consistently turned it over due to poor decisions or skill errors.
To the players credit they rallied in the last quarter and won the quarter kicking 6 goals to Salisbury North's 3, which prevented the margin blowing to something really ugly.
Paul Fantasia (3 goals), Brendan Littler, Tim Baccanello (2 goals) and Will O'Malley all played solid games and Pete Baccanello's outstanding last quarter was a highlight.
This is the first time this year we've lost two games in a row and puts us at real danger of dropping out of the top 3. I know the players and I are bitterly disappointed with our last two performances and are desperate to get back to playing the footy we know we can play. There's no better time than against SPOC this sat at Campbelltown Oval in front of a big ROCS crowd on our sponsor's day.

Tom Wigley
A Grade Coach


B Grade Report - R11

After a poor Round 10 performance against Goodwood Saints, it was important that the B Grade responded against Salisbury North. The game provided opportunities for many of our young players to ‘step-up’ against a strong and imposing opposition. Unfortunately for the second week in a row, our work rate, skill sunder pressure and ability to defend a quality opposition was very poor. We had a few patches in the game where we were able to string a series of goals together and get back into the contest, however on each occasion Salisbury North responded. Eventually we went down by 36 points.

Young players Jack Tagg and Josh Weaver showed that they have the ability to play good B grade footy, and Elliott Shirley worked hard on a bigger opponent down back. Paddy Holland was clearly our best player with his ability to defend strongly and make good decision under pressure a particular highlight.

After two disappointing losses against quality opposition, the B grade need to re-group and focus on improving some areas that have been recently shown up. I have a strong belief that the young playing group will learn from this and work hard on getting back to our best form.  

Final Scores: Salisbury North 10-15 (75) def ROCS 6-3 (39)

Goal Scorers: J. Tagg 3, E. Hanna 1, H. Schilling 1, A. Richter 1

Best Players: P. Holland, J. Tagg, J. Weaver, E. Shirley, C. O'Malley

Paul Bannister
B Grade Coach


C Grade Report - R12

Rocs on the road this week had the Academy of Football travelling to Salisbury Nth Oval, with the Hawks hell bent on upsetting the Rocs as they had promised after our last encounter at the Quarry...

Up to 4 changes overnight had the Supercoach calling some "old stagers" into the lineup, with all available players having other commitments including exams, injury & promotion the side still needed help with players to rotate through the bench.

The game started with plenty of pressure from the Sals Nth team, making it extremely hard for Rocs to generate run & carry, with the Rocs disposing the footy in an unusual way we struggled to move the ball into our scoring zone with the fluency we have in most games this season. Salisbury Hawks continued their pressure for the full 22 mins leaving Rocs second to the ball, under pressure disposing by hand or foot & having no freedom to kick to leading forwards making space. Hawks hard at the man approach had little response from the Rocs team, leaving many frustrated & not focussing on the job athand. The qtr ended with Rocs lucky to be close enough to the Hawks as both teams had missed easy shots on goal, ending the first stanza 8pts adrift. Qtr time scores Rocs 1-2 (8) trailing Salis Nth 2-3(15)

The 2nd term was soon underway with the Hawks improving their teamwork & now with even more belief in their play peppered the goal area & luckily for the Red & Blacks were off target, keeping Rocs in the contest (on the scoreboard at least) who gradualy worked their way back into the qtr during the last few minutes limping to 1/2 time trailing by 17pts.    1/2 time scores  Rocs  3-4 (22) vs Sails Nth 5-9 (39).

The Rocs team had kept at their task to gradualy enforce some better efforts controlling the ball when in possession, but our handball was deplorable -- very surprising as our quick handball & run is one of our main weapons, normally executed with telling effect resulting in constant attacks on goal-- with the Hawks voicing their opinions all day the Rocs could not make a concerted effect on the game & struggled to meet the stronger bodies at the contest. Disappointingly Rocs were always 2-3 goals behind but could not find the spark to ignite the Rocs Machine despite many desperate efforts from The Wizard (Pisanello), Bunji (100 games) O'Conner, Bazooka (Matt Bazzica), McSpozza (Jack McCarron), Snorkel Zamparelli & smooth mover Abswing (Jesse Abfalter) another player Alex (Big Mac) McKenzie used in a new position had a great game at CHBack. The Tall Streak set up many forward moves, laid tackles & provided the Rocs a winning position to work through running out of defence. During the last half of the contest the Hawks ran all over the Rocs & improved their accuracy to slam home 7-3 to Rocs 3-3 running out eventual winners by 41pts. 
Final scores Rocs  6-7 (43)  def by Sails Nth 12-12 (84) 

The C1 Squad must regroup & strive to find the burning ambition to win very quickly or our fantastic first half of the year will be all to no avail.

Goalkickers - J. Abfalter -3, T. Barnes -1, C. Fabbian -1, M. Bazzica -1

Bestplayers - V. Pisanello, J. Abfalter, J. McCarron, M. Zamparelli, A. O'Conner (100 games)

Steve Edwards

C Grade Coach