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Coaches Report - R10

Goody Saints take the points in all 3 grades

Coaches Reports


A Grade Report - R10


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Tom Wigley
A Grade Coach








B Grade Report - R10


Round 10 saw us come up against Goodwood Saints for the first time in 2012. They are traditionally a very strong club and it proved to be a test that was too much for our team. A combination of poor work rate, decision making and unavailability of key players saw us go down by 47 points in a very disappointing effort.

After a slow start to the year Shannon Castellano was rewarded for his hard work on the track by playing a strong game at half-back. His work rate and accountability is an excellent example to his team mates. Tom O’Malley was again a strong contributor on the wing, whilst Nic Janetski and Chris Ash worked hard in their midfield roles, and Marcus Quinn again showed his value to our team.

The players must learn from the loss and understand that we have a few important parts of our game to work on. I am confident that the playing group will take these on board and put in a much stronger performance against Salisbury North this week.

Final Scores: Goodwood Saints 9-8 (62) def ROCS 2-3 (15)

Goal Scorers: J. Harrison 2

Best Players: S. Castellano, T. O'Malley, N. Janetzki, C. Ash, M. Quinn


Paul Bannister
B Grade Coach


C Grade Report - R11


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Steve Edwards
C Grade Coach