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Coaches Report - R2+R3

A's, B's & C's Coaches Reports all uploaded

R2 + R3 - Coaches Report

A Grade Report - R2 vs Salisbury Northn

Following our win over PHOS in round one this match against the highly rated Salisbury North was always going to give us a better indication of where we are at. Unfortunately we didn’t have much luck with injuries on the day with ROCS players going down - with a variety of injuries - at a steady rate throughout the whole game. This saw us play out the last quarter with two injured players forced to stay on the ground and hobble through to the end of the game as we had no fit players left on the bench to replace them. However, despite this we still managed to create enough scoring opportunities that we could’ve won the game had we been more efficient.

Craig Holm, Matt Dawes and Chris Pahl
worked tirelessly all match through the midfield and continued to drive us forward at stoppages. Ryan Holm played an excellent game in the back half and stopped one of their key players from having an influence on the match. Drew Litster presented well all day up forward, marked well and finished with four goals and Sam Bridge battled hard in the ruck and played a key role in keeping us in the match.

As disappointing as it was to lose the match, especially considering the opportunities we had, credit must go to the players for the effort that they put in. But as we said in the rooms after the match, unless you get the win it doesn’t count for anything.

Tom Wigley
A Grade Coach

B Grade Report - R2 vs Salisbury North

 After a solid 1st Round performance, Round 2 saw the ROCS come up against Salisbury North. They have traditionally been a strong Div 1 side, so the game provided us with an excellent early season challenge. The 1st Quarter was a tight and close contest, with Salisbury North making more of their chances to lead by 11 points at quarter time. With signs of their midfield starting to dominate, the ROCS on-ballers lifted their work rate and defensive efforts to help the side turn a quarter time deficit into a 14 point half-time lead. The 2nd half saw a fantastic team orientated performance, with the majority of players beating their direct opponents through hard work and team discipline. Although its only early in the season, this is appearing to be a hallmark of our side. By the final siren, the ROCS had recorded an outstanding 31 point victory over quality opposition.
Charlie Jordan, Pat Holland and Nic Holland were outstanding in defence. At stages throughout the game, they all stood quality players and beat them comprehensively. The fact that Salisbury North only managed 6 goals for the game (and only 3 after quarter time) is a credit to them as a defensive unit. Trent Versace in the midfield was a fantastic contributor all game, with his strong 2nd quarter performance being a big factor in us winning the game. Chris Ash and Dale Sheedy worked tirelessly up forward and provided excellent targets. Marcus Quinn is also proving himself to be a valuable addition to the side. His efforts and persistence in the ruck against a strong opponent was important for the side.
Although the B Grade has shown excellent early season form, we need to continue to work had at training and ensure we make it a hat-trick of wins to start the season by beating SPOC this weekend!

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B's against Salisbury North thanks to Robo

D1R vs Salisbury North Movie Pics

Final Scores:
Rostrevor OC       1-2    6-4    8-9    11-9   (75)
Salisbury North    3-1    4-2    6-6     6-8    (44)
Goal Lickers: J Harrison 3, C Ash 2, T Versace 1, J Lyons 1, R Grigg 1, S McKenna 1, D Sheedy 1, C Jordan 1
Best Players: T Versace, D Sheedy, C Ash, P Holland, C Jordan, M Quinn

Paul Bannister
B Grade Coach


C Grade Report - R3 vs Salisbury North

 This week's match had the C-1 Grade squad starting early in another triple-header at the home of football otherwise known as Campbelltown Oval, the draw pitting Salisbury North football club against the three ROCs teams. The big challenge for our squad this round was improving on last week's fantastic effort and not relaxing our team's desire to play desperate attacking footy. We need to stay focused as our line-up changes in each outing, a task becoming more difficult with each game with so many new players at our club eager to play. Now that the season has begun, a handful of 'regulars' from the past few seasons are finally getting to training, therefore making our squad even larger.

The young ROCs took to the field with the Lynchpin (Sam) Lynch on debut leading the ruck. From the opening bounce the on-ballers forced the ball forward with Bungee (Andy) O'Connor in his first game for the year, burrowing in the packs to set up Jacko Adams or Snorkel (Matt) Zamparelli working the ROCs into attack. With the ball in the forward line repeatedly, our goal sneaks were off target managing several behinds kicking into a tricky breeze. With the ball again in dispute in a scramble of players close to goal, Hollywood (Tyler) Gava snapped a ripping goal, kicking the ball over his head straight through the middle to kick-start the C-grade machine into gear.

The Lynchpin
was controlling the centre breaks & even when beaten to the tap, his second & third efforts made sure the ball was in his team-mates' possession to distribute the Sherrin into a ROCs open & functioning forward zone. As our two-pronged attack had space to work into, Hados Edwards & Funky (Sam) Millard were soon rewarding the hard work done by their teammates, both on the scoreboard or chipping to a ROCs team-mate in a better position to score. Any movement into attack by the opposition was quickly stifled with Jetski (Nick) Janetzki running everywhere tackling, smothering or marking any loose ball heading his way. Along with Chuck (Paul) Norris, Captain Blood Emanuele or the Wildebeest (Sam) Wilson, the ROCs defence kept denying the Hawks any attempt on goal, keeping them scoreless for the quarter. From the first bounce our young team had been battered & bruised by their opponents who were on a mission to upset the ROCs with heavy-handed tactics. This approach rarely works in today's game with one Rhodes scholar from the Hawks doing his utmost to try to upset Bobcat/MF Jones after the quietly-reserved bigman had slammed home a goal, shouldering him repeatedly which proved unsuccessful (surprising !!) and only led to his team being totally outclassed all over the ground. Other players to impress during the opening stanza were Rowdy (Josh) O'Leary, Josh Weaver, Pigeon (Connor) Deegan & Grizzly (Scott) Adams all stayed focused & attacked the ball or opponent hard making sure the ROCs were first to the contest & playing fluent football.
1/4 time scores  ROCs 5-5(35)  vs Salisbury Nth 0-0

During the 2nd quarter, the young ROCs team continued to play attacking football, and with using run & carry, combined with quick handball & kicking to position, the Red & Blacks ran away with the game, booting another 5 goals with full-forward Hados in superb form providing plenty of leads & holding several contested marks. The one-legged Ranga even kicked with laser line accuracy & finished the day scoring 7-2, the young gun's best haul to date. Two other players to have a major impact on proceedings were The Experiment (Chris) Press & Jack Tagg, both having a huge influence on the way our team dominated the game. Standing up to the hardest of contests, both young men used their talents & flair to move through heavy traffic & use the ball effectively, generating many chances for the ROCs forward setup. With the Bobcat & Jetski running rampant while on the ball, thriving on the hard & physical contests, our back-line worked as a complete unit with Bungee & Camel (Elliot) Shirley working tirelessly to foil many forward entries by their opponents. With the ROCs now in total command our team continued their dominance over the second half of the game, playing hard, tough & desperate team football, running away on the scoreboard to win convincingly by 106 pts. This was a great effort from our team & a huge step forward in our team's development as we aim to play finals football.
Final scores ROCs 18-18 (126) def. Sals. Nth  03-02 (20)
Best players - N.Janetzki,  H.Edwards, C.Jones, J.Tagg, J.O'Leary
Best team-man - S.Adams
Goalkickers - H.Edwards-7, C.Jones-3, S.Millard-3, C.Deegan-2, T.Gava-1, S.Wilson-1, N.Janetzki-1

Steve Edwards
C Grade Coach