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R1 - C Grade Coaches Report

Round 1 vs Goody Saints at Home for the C's

Coaches Report
C Grade Report - R1

The much anticipated opening round of season 2013 held at Campbelltown Oval (Home of Football) was a rematch of the Rocs C1 Prelim Final vs. Goodwood Saints to end our 2012 campaign. Looming as a daunting task as our boys had struggled to be competitive against the eventual dual Premiership winning Saints in our 3 encounters last season. Both teams fielded new look line-ups with the Rocs having 15 different players to our final game of 2012.

The opening 15mins was a torrid affair as both teams applied huge pressure on the ball carrier making it very difficult for any player to have an effective possession, both sides having problems creating any fluency moving the ball into attack. As defences reigned supreme during a low scoring 1st & 2nd qtr. with accuracy on goal the only difference as the long break score line Rocs 2-3(15) vs. Saints 3-2(20) had shown.

Players to impress in the first half of the game Bobcat (Carlisle) Jones across half back laying many crunching tackles while setting up attacking moves, Snorkel (Matt) Zamparelli providing a target across half forward or gaining possessions on ball, New boys Chris (the Experiment) Press in his first outing at Aussie Rules, Lachy (Latch) Bowler the last sibling of a Dynasty of players donning the Red & Black colours with heritage dating back to the70's, showing poise and judgment in heavy traffic in his open age debut, Jordan (Jordy shore) Owen having a huge impact used on the ball mixing it with much more experienced opponents, Jack (tooth) Pick, Dan (Ozzy) Osbourne booting 2 goals & providing voice & harassment around the ball.

The 3rd qtr. had the Rocs at last stringing together some attacking moves & our forward line became less crowded finally, our forwards finished off the hard work of their teammates and started to take control of the game & the scoreboard. Finishing the 3rd qtr. with 4-1 to Saints 1-1 our team had kept the benchmark of the C1 comp. at bay going to the break with a handy 13pt lead.
3/4 time scores Rocs 6-4(40) vs. Good Saints 4-3(27)

During the break our boys knew they would be challenged by their opponents, but as the final stanza had begun the Saints cruised into overdrive & after drawing level halfway in the last qtr. had enough class & skills to hold a tired, not quite fit enough but determined Rocs outfit at bay. Slamming home 7 goals to finish in front of the New look Rocs with only 12pts separating the teams.  A very pleasing but also frustrating result being in a position to win & not doing enough of the important actions needed to steal a rare win against the best outfit going around. Final scores  Rocs 9-6(60) vs. Goodwood Saints 11-6(72)  

This season is the beginning of a new era at our club with all grades made up of predominantly young players with a sprinkling of experienced (old) stagers in the mix, making it a very exciting time to be involved at all levels of our great Rocs club.

Goal kickers - H.Edwards-2, S.Adams-2, D.Osbourne-2, V.Pisanello-1. C.Fabbian-1. M.Zamparelli-1
Best players-M.Zamparelli, V.Pisanello, C.Jones, J.Oleary, J.Danielle
Best Team Man- C.Press

Steve Edwards
C Grade Coach