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ROCS Season Launch & Player Auction 2013

on Saturday April 6th Upstairs at the Alma as we kick off season 2013!

We'd love all ROCS players, supporters, sponsors, parents and friends to come and join us on Saturday April 6th Upstairs at the Alma as we kick off season 2013!

Start time 6pm
Complimentary Beer and Food !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ROCFC Player Auction 2013 Groups

1.    W. O'Malley    C. O'Malley    T. O'Malley    S. Moten
2.    C. Pahl        H. Schilling    C. Ash        J. Weaver
3.    C. Holm        R. Holm        L. Allen    C. Deegan
4.    A. Medhurst    J. Harrison    E. Shirley    R. Davies
5.    M. Dawes    P. Murphy    T. Gava        C. Fabbian
6.    J. Nelligan    D. Sheedy    R. Grigg    M. Zamparelli
7.    L. Manuel    M. Quinn    T. Taylor    S. Millard
8.    P. Baccanello    T. Baccanello    D. Leggett    C. Press
9.    S. Bowler    L. Bowler    P. Brennan    N. Bartold
10.    S. Bridge    J. Butterworth    T. Moore    A. McKenzie
11.    J. Corbett    S. McKenna    M. Martin    S. Newman
12.    P. Fantasia    S. Castellano    S. Emanuele    V. Pisianello
13.    J. Trenorden    P. Norris    J. Daniele    H. Edwards
14.    D. Litster    S. Fitzgerald    M. Sutcliffe    D. Polkinghorne
15.    S. Gilbert    D. Gilbert    S. Tagg        J. Tagg
16.    K. Holland    P. Holland    N. Holland    J. Pick
17.    J. Jordan    C. Jordan    Jez O'Leary    Josh O'Leary
18.    B. Kerslake    J. Slattery    C. Jones    D. Marotti
19.    B. Littler    J. Lyons    A. O'Çonnor    D. Osborne
20.    D. Moyle    E. Hanna    T. Versace    J. McCarron

Player Auction Rules:
•    50% of Player Auction takings will be given back as weekly prizes throughout the year.
•    There will be one player auction winner per week, judged as the group that receives the most votes at the ROCC Saturday Best Player presentations.
•    Substitutes will be permitted for injured or departed players, and a selection of players available for substitution will be decided on by the ROCFC committee.
•    The weekly winner will be announced at the ROCFC Saturday Best Player presentations and be displayed on the website at

Remember to keep in touch with the ROCFC in 2013 online at , on twitter at @ROCFC or check us out on facebook.

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ROCFC Committee