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Our new ROCFC President (David Gilbert) & Committee for 2013

The following new committee for season 2013

AGM - New Committee for ROCFC 2013
The following new committee for season 2013 was recently nominated and announced at the ROCFC AGM at Campbelltown Sports Centre

President - David Gilbert
Treasurer - Simon Emanuele
Secretary/Football Operations Manager - Reonaldo Cialini
Public Officer - Simon Emanuele / Vicki Lines
General Committee
Brendan Bowler
Bob Holland
Tim Jordan
Vicki Lines
David Moyle
Peter O’Malley
Tim Wright

The names of other office-bearers and those who will be heading up the individual sub-committees (sponsorship, social) will be named after the new committee’s first meeting.

The incoming committee would like to thank and acknowledge the tireless efforts of Troy Barnes and the outgoing members of his committee (Matt Halliwell, Paul Arnfield, Ben Birch & Pat Murphy).

Our new ROCFC President – David Gilbert
ROCFC welcomes David Gilbert (‘Gilbo’) as the new ROCFC President for 2013

By all accounts, David is now the second Victorian to take the role of President of our club. We must make sure that we check more thoroughly next time.

David is the father (and Karen is the mother) of two boys at the club. One is an absolute legend of the club, both on and off the field, the other is Scott. They also have a 17yo daughter, Sarah, a sometimes-supporter of the red and black.

David attended a school very much like Rostrevor in Melbourne called Parade College, a Christian Brothers boys’ college in the Edmund Rice tradition. It is a school that has produced almost 100 VFL/AFL players. Some of the players that you may know include Jock McHale, Sergio Silvagni (FOS), Peter McKenna, Peter Bedford (Brownlow medallist), Peter Caven, Daniel Harford, Blake Caracella, and more recently Ben Johnson and Trent Cotchin.

He represented the school at First 18 level, but without an Old Collegians Club, that was to be the end of this footy career. If the truth be known his footy career probably peaked at year 6. At that time, his talent was so prodigious that, when picking teams for lunch-time matches, the team that didn’t get Gilbo got an extra pick to compensate. 

Back in 1974 when David completed year 12, he took a year off (it was actually called a year off – no-one had heard of a gap year then) during which time he worked for the Tax Office. The following three years were spent at Melbourne Uni with consequent introduction to Uni Basketball (at that stage he was 6’6’’and black). He later joined Deloittes as an accountant, then CBA/Westpac Bank where he continued to play basketball – the aim was purely to keep playing until he eventually got good at it.

Eventually David met Karen, produced three sporting superstars and through a work (MLC) transfer moved to Bendigo (almost 2 years) and then Adelaide in 1997. While looking for a school for Scott, they went to the Rostrevor Open Day and the decision was made immediately. The school and later the footy club have been very positive influences on both boys.

The Gilberts feel very fortunate to have landed in Adelaide and are very happy to call it home. Melbourne is nice for a (short) visit, but they are always happy to return to Adelaide.

David is one of six partners of a financial planning business (FinSec Planners) and currently puts in four full days each and every week (except for the six weeks when he is on holiday).

David is a very keen ROC’s supporter and rarely misses an A or B’s match. He quickly worked out the beautiful synchronicity, which is “2 boys, 2 games, 2 kranskys” which he puts into practice at all home games. He loves the camaraderie which is evident among the playing group and ROC’s community in general and can’t wait to get his hands dirty in the role of Club President.

I encourage all those within the ROCs community to introduce yourself to Gilbo and offer him any support you can.