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Coaches Report - Week 3 (Prel Final) & 3 ROC's in Team of the Year

Rocs B grade came up against a fired up Henley side in the prelim. final

Coaches Report - Preliminary Final
ROCFC vs Henley

Rocs B grade came up against a fired up Henley side, after their unexpected loss in their first final. They hit the ground running and their work ethic was something we must aspire to. Henley controlled the contests and moved the ball forward with good options and system. Quarter time saw Henley 6-3 to Rocs 1-2. It was not the start we wanted and despite changing the on-ballers around we found it hard to stop the momentum Henley had created. To the teams credit, we never through in the towel and had we been able to convert shots on goal in the second term, we could have transferred some pressure back onto Henley. We had 5 scoring shots to 1, however we only managed 1 goal 4 behinds and only reduced the margin to 27 points at half time. In the second half we controlled passages of play and looked more confident with our ball movement, but we found it hard to capitalize on our ball movement with shots on goal. By the end of the game we actually had just one less scoring shot, but our inaccuracy saw the final margin the same difference at quarter time, 31 points.

I was really pleased and proud of the maturity of the group in the final 3 quarters and they were able to walk off the ground with their heads held high. Patrick Holland had a great game in defence and was clearly our best player. His ability to read the ball and get a fist into a marking contest will enhance his chances to play more regularly in the A grade in 2013. Reece Digance was our lone goal kicker in the first half with 2 goals and was our most dangerous forward. Reece is a versatile player and did a job when moved into defence in the second half. Reece was our second best player for the game. Third best went to Trent Versace for his efforts across half forward and on the ball. Trent has improved his endurance and runs games well. Shannon Castellano was 4th best from the back pocket with a good defensive game and straight line attack on the ball. Fellow Backman Sam Wilson was 5th best. Sam has become a very good full back. He reads the ball well and positions his body well to take good contested grabs. Sam Bowler had a really good second half when put onto the ball and injected some pace and presence around the contest.

Overall, now that the season is done and dusted, if someone had offered a Preliminary Final to us at the start of the year, we would have jumped at that result. While it is disappointing to finish the season on a loss, it has been a really successful year and there are a good number of young players stepping up and will be putting pressure on an A grade selection next year. This bears well for the club as we push forward in 2013. Thanks and well done to anyone who helped out or played B grade in 2012.

Glen Malkin
B Grade Coach


ROCFC Presentation Night 2012


Congratulations to the following 3 Rocers in the A1 Team of the Year 2012

Drew Litster - Full Forward
Craig Holm - Wing
Will O'Malley - Half Back Flank