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Coaches Report - R18

A's win over Henley at home

Coaches Report - R18 (A's & B's) & Qualifying Final (C's)

A Grade Report - R18

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B Grade Report - R18

Playing the top team in Henley on the weekend, things didn't look good on the scoreboard at quarter time being down 6 goals to nothing, however the effort was there and the team needed to reshuffled to combat their tall forward line. Changing key position players and changing the way we were moving the ball saw us outscore Henley in the second and third quarter and be very competitive over the final 3 quarters. Finals scores Rocs 5-5 (35) lost to Henley 12-7 (79).

At quarter time we put our tallest players in the backline, with a loose player to stand in the hot spot in front of full forward and the instruction to all players was to kick to space and not to a contest. We are a young side, so we struggle to physically match up against bigger and taller opposition. Our advantage is the pace within our young players and when we worked to our strengths, we were more than competitive.

The biggest positive from the day was the composure our players showed and used the ball relatively well. In the past we have been guilty of rushing the play and not thinking our way through a problem. It is a real bonus for the team, and the club, that these lads didn't panic and played some great tempo footy that goes beyond most experience these lads have had. Our pressure and intensity was at a good high rate all day, putting the opposition under as much pressure as possible and not giving up on the contest.

Best player for the weekend was Sam Wilson. A 19 year old lad playing full back and standing a guy who kicked 10 goals on us last time. Sam is a close checking backman and has a great knack of getting his fist in and spoiling the ball. Sam restricted his opponent and frustrated him, to the point where they replaced him with a new option at full forward. Sam also provides some run and options when we move the ball out of the backline. Fellow back man Shannon Castallano, who is only 18, was second best from the back pocket. Shannon has improved rapidly since making his way into the side and reads the ball well, taking good relieving marks and is hard at the ball and opposition (must run in the family). Charlie O'Malley was third best in ruck and while beaten in the first quarter, never gave up and by the end of the game he clearly won the ruck contests and his position. Charlie is a smart footballer and reads the game well. His playing a kick behind the play and his enthusiasm to be involved in the contest sees him rack up plenty of possessions. Sam Tagg played a great game as a rover and doesn't panic when he gets the ball. He shows real poise and he is hard at it for a bloke his size. Luke Sheridan kicked 2 goals and was influential each time he got near the ball, playing deep in the forward line. He has a good kick and a great goal sense. Simon Fitzgerald was moved into defence at quarter time to match up on Henley's tall forwards and Fitzy read the ball well and ran well in straight lines.

In a pretty solid team effort special mentions must go to Elliot Shirley who won his spot at centre half back and his toughness across the half back line is needed and he inspires his teammates with his attack on the ball. Also Josh Daniele was given a job at quarter time to cut out Henley's damaging on-baller and did an excellent job for the remaining 3 quarters.

Well we've made the finals and we are aware that we need to give a good showing next Saturday against Broadview. It won't be an easy game, no finals game ever is. Replicating this weeks effort and composure from the Henley game will go a long way to securing a win.

Glen Malkin
B Grade Coach


C Grade Report - Qualifying Final

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