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Coaches Report - R17

A's record 56 point victory over PHOS

A Grade Report - R17
Round 17 V Phos Camden at Camden Oval 18/8/2012

The Rocs were dealt a couple of early blows with Luke Crouch and Dale Sheedy pulling out of the selected side and coming in for them was Dan Gilbert and Henry Schilling.  From the outset of the game this looked to be a high quality match with the weather seemingly holding out and the oval in good condition despite recent heavy rain.  Rocs controlled the contest early but each time we threatened to break the game open, Phos replied with some strong marking and accurate goal kicking.  With the majority of the play inside our half we were fed well from the middle by trio Jack Nelligan, Will O’Malley and Craig Holm but broke down into the forward 50 with some poor kicking into the wind.  Scott Gilbert was back to his best winning a few close 1 on 1 battles but after a couple of late goals to Phos it was effectively even at quarter time.

In the second quarter and kicking with a slight breeze we again threatened to break the game open.  In scenes reminiscent of last week we wasted too many opportunities in front of goals this time from 20 to 40 metres out rather than 50.  To add to that, Phos were very efficient going forward dominating in the air and taking seemingly every opportunity in front of goals.  In what was a reflection of much of our season to date we were doing all the hard things such as pressure on the opposition and second and third efforts well, but not the easy things like spoiling and kicking efficiency especially in front of goal.

After half time the whole tempo of the game seemed to lift with some significant individual highlights and lots of hard in close tackling and strength over the ball shown by the likes of James Jordan, Tom Taylor and Jack Nelligan.  With the wind dropping out and us taking opportunities in front of goal, the game broke open and it didn’t look like Phos were able to stick with us.  A great desperation act by Patrick Holland and some genuine physicality shown by Dan Gilbert, Henry Schilling, John Trenorden and James Jordan showed the future of this club is in capable hands.

The last quarter showed signs of a team that has refound their enthusiasm and love for the contest which has been missing over the last 6 weeks.  Players really looked to enjoy themselves and a steady run of goals ensued there was plenty of celebrations.  Paul Fantasisa was great at Centre Half Forward with strong hands and even better at ground level than he has ever been.  Drew Litster took a couple of very strong grabs late in the game to finish with 6 goals and Anthony Medhurst capped off a quality game with a strong grab and goal of his own.  Eventually it was ROCS running out 56 point winners.

Best Players: O’Malley, Craig Holm, Paul Fantasia, Anthony Medhurst. Drew Litster, Jack Nelligan
Goal Kickers: Drew Litster 6, Anthony Medhurst 2, Matthew Dawes 2, Scott Gilbert 2, Craig Holm 2, Jack Nelligan 1, Tom Taylor 1, Dan Gilbert 1

The B’s blew a commanding half time lead and may have run out of legs with two players from the C’s having to come up.  The C’s had a hard fought win in the dying stages of the game and could benefit immensely from joining the A’s at training for some goal kicking practice.

Matthew Dawes
A Grade Coach


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