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ROCS Ladies Day and Mr ROC 2012 Report

Great day for the ladies & the winner of MR ROC 2012

ROCS Ladies Day Report 2012

Spirits were high for the triple header in R16 for ROC’s Ladies Day 2012. The day commenced at 1pm and saw a great number of ladies from the ROCS community come together dressed to impress, enjoying wine, gossip & a touch of footy at ROC Park!

It was fantastic to see faces that have been regular supporters of the day over the years – Jo Medhurst, Trish Hissey, Gloria Pahl, Pauline Mosel, Cate Birch & Ros Schaftenaar just to name a few.

Ladies enjoyed some amazing prizes given out through the day. Thanks must go to all the sponsors that contributed to the day especially the Alma, Campbelltown Sports Club, Hentley Farm Wines, Bird in Hand & Bendigo Bank.

Matty Halliwell & Simon Emanuele kept the wine flowing and Patrick Murphy cooked up a storm, ensuring the ladies were kept happy all day.

Once again the player auction MC’ed by Paul Cattrall at half time was a highlight with Tony Medhurst & Ben Birch attracting big dollars. Craig Holm, Luke Crouch & Sam Bridge were also all very popular with the ladies.

Thanks to everyone who helped out on the day – Corbs, Matt, Murph, Simon E, MC – P Catty, Deegs, Rhonda, R Casta & Fitzy and a very big thanks to Robo & Jim who were very helpful once again on the day.

Special thanks must go to Louise Fitzgerald, Bridget Ambrose, Bec Martin, Caitlin Hitchcock, Cheryl Stevens, Jess Piperone, Karen Gilbert & Ruth Martin for all their hard work behind the scenes and fantastic hospitality on the day.

Some brave guests stayed on into the evening for Mr ROC – congratulations to Paul Fantasia joining the elite ranks and becoming MR ROC 2012.

Be sure to check out  Andrew "Robo" Robertson’s documentation of the day, please click on the link below.

ROCS Ladies Day 2012 Link

Kate Ferguson


MR ROC 2012

After a very successful Ladies Day, five brave men left their dignity at the door and took on the challenge to become Mr ROC 2012.

As you all know, one cannot simply just be Mr ROC - it must be earned. The proverb ‘blood, sweat and tears’ is synonymous with football, but it is even more appropriate for this competition. If the competitors aren’t sweating, the ladies that stayed on into the night certainly were. I also think I saw a tear or two from Mrs Lynn Castellano who stayed on to watch Shannon compete. Pretty sure they weren’t tears of joy…

I am often asked if I am disappointed to have never won a best and fairest award during my time at the ROCs (I have placed runner-up for those playing at home…). I tell those people the same thing that I was told by the creator of Mr ROC, the great Mark Roberts many years ago.  “No one remembers best and fairest winners ten years on, but those who take out Mr ROC live on as part of ROC folklore”. My great regret is of course never becoming Mr ROC.

So back to the challenge… Once again there were five rounds, mate pitted against mate for the ultimate glory…..

The brave souls were Paddy Brennan, Shannon Castellano, Paul Fantasia, Steve McKenna and Henry Schilling. The five rounds once again consisted of the skull-off, maximum push ups and hypothetical Q&A.

After 3 rounds, Paul ‘Italian Stallion’ Fantasia had taken the lead, followed closely by Henry ‘Rory Sloane’ Schilling. Round 4 saw the return of the Individual Player Talent. Schills was magnificent in performing his Carlton Draught Beer Ad routine inspired by the movie Flashdance, Stevie took a risk by performing a sensual ‘Texas Shuffle’, Paddy sung an Irish song and danced an Irish jig that looked impressive, but I guess you had to be Irish to know what the hell he was doing…. …Casta performed a hilarious impersonation of Gollum from Lord of the Rings - once again making Mum proud, although I think this fell on deaf ears with regard to the judging panel, and Fanta really stunk it up with a rendition of Amore. I still don’t quite know how he obtained such a high score…. Perhaps it had something to do with his personality….

Going into round 5 only two men could take out Mr ROC, but this certainly didn’t stop a hell of a lot of nudity in the Group Strip Tease. In fact I think the gents misunderstood that it was in fact a strip tease. Walking out naked pretty much meant they simply jumped around for 4 minutes. This may have been the reason many received zeros from the judging panel… I am sure they hope this is the reason, and it wasn’t a direct relationship to the size of their manhood..

Unfortunately there can only be one winner, and 2012 will be remembered as the year Paul Fantasia charmed the ladies with his boyish charm and good looks. He was exceptional in the skull-off and was certainly the ladies favourite on the night. Well done to all of you for your thorough preparation and a great effort on the night!

I would also like to thank our lovely judges: Skye and Bree Hanna, Kelly Church, Cheryl Stevens, Jess Piperone and Heather Day when she was upright.

Thanks also to the crowd for ensuring the night was a success, and also Kate, Bridget, Louise, Jess, Cheryl, Caitlin and Bec for running a great Ladies Day!