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Coaches Report - R16

C's now uploaded for R17 - A's & B's uploaded R16 - Triple Header at home with Goody taking the points in all grades

Coaches Report R16

A Grade Report - R16
Round 16 V Goodwood Saints at Campbelltown 11/8/2012

There was a good sense of optimism and confidence about this game in the rooms before the game and right from the start of the game it looked as though we’d come to play by attacking the footy with ferocity and getting plenty of hand on the ball.  We had plenty of opportunities going forward but too often shanked the kick forward to no advantage. Craig Holm was continuing his good form and Jack Nelligan was also playing well but we were dealt a blow early with Will O’Malley aggravating a back injury in the first contest of the day.

The second quarter rolled on in a similar way to the first with lots of pressure on the opposition and intensity similar to what brought us our best results earlier in the year.  Paul Fantasia was providing a headache at centre half forward taking some very strong grabs and Anthony Medhurst was holding down half back quite well.  Again however we failed to finish off in front of goal, often having the opposition mark in our forward 50 or spoil a shot at goal over the line for a rushed behind.  Despite this we were still controlling the game but only took a narrow lead into the main break.

After half time we continued where we left off both in the good ways and the bad.  We continued to control the game, but were clumsy by foot and had many shots at goal fall agonizingly short.  Tom Birch suffered a shoulder injury and around half way through the quarter we should have been three goals up. Craig Holm continued racking up the ball and Mick Aloisi fought gallantly in the ruck with some good second and third efforts.  The last ten minutes saw Goodwood move the ball fluently through their half forward line to pinch a couple of late goals.  Despite doing our best to keep the opposition in the game we had every reason to think we could maintain the intensity for the last quarter and get the points.

The final quarter was a stark contrast to the first three where we repeatedly turned the ball over and it seemed every time the Goodwood got the ball inside their 50 meter arc they goaled from all angles kicking 7 straight.  We continued to create opportunities however for each good build up going forward there appeared to be a skill error to bring it all undone.  Paul Fantasia continued to battle hard and in the backlines Tom Bowler and Kieran Holland in his first game back in a month fought gallantly on the last line of defence.

Best Players: Paul Fantasia, Craig Holm, Tom Bowler, Kieran Holland, Mick Aloisi, Steve McKenna 
Goal Kickers: Paul Fantasia 3, Mick Aloisi 1, Drew Litster 1, Matthew Bazzica 1, Jack Nelligan 1, Scott Gilbert 1, Tom Taylor 1

Bad luck to the B’s who had a hard fought game against top opposition and came up marginally short.  The C’s weren’t good enough and had a rare convincing loss to complete a triple whammy for the ROCS, something we are certainly not used to this year. 


Matthew Dawes
A Grade Coach



B Grade Report - R16

In a important game for the B grade, playing against another top 5 side, 10 minutes of composure cost us the game in the 3rd quarter as we went down to Goodwood Saints by 18 points.

With still quite a young side, we started a little tentatively and Goodwood kicked the first two goals, before we took the game on by our own terms and pegged one back before quarter time to be 8 points behind. We were out of position in the first term and getting sucked into the contest, leaving no targets ahead of the play. When we regrouped and kept to our structure on field, we found new avenues forward and able to put on some goals. Luke Sheridan was dangerous in front of goals kicking 2 of the 4 goals for the quarter. And what was more impressive was our defensive efforts from our back 6 and on-ballers to restrict one of the best teams in the reserves competition goal-less in the second term. We went in with a 17 point lead and playing some great footy.

We expected Goodwood to come out hard at us in the third quarter and they did so bring the margin back to even half way through the term with 3 of the first 4 goals. Unfortunately their aggression targeted at the players, put some of us off our game and, as I said earlier, a lack of composure for 10 minutes saw us give away silly free kicks where they were able to kick 3 goals from our lack of discipline. With this being the final margin, shows how competitive we are when we play good disciplined footy.

The last quarter was good to see us fight it out to the end with each team score 2 goals to prove that we are around the mark against a quality opposition.
Daniel Baillie was awarded 5th best player for his defensive efforts and kicking in well from full back. Nadam Shadiac, also a back man, showed great composure, and completely blanketed his opponent. Henry Schilling played in the centre and had plenty of the ball by his hard attack at the ball and was a steadying influence when moved into the back line in the third term. Mitchell Sutcliffe was judged second best, with his efforts across half back. He took some good relieving marks and carried the ball to break the lines well when it was the instruction to do so. Best player for the day was definitely Elliot Shirley. Shirls has worked hard all year to fit into the side and since going to centre half back he has grown in confidence and stature. He reads the ball well, is not afraid to put his body on the line and can clear the backline with his 50m kicks.

Hopefully we can get a couple more players back into the team and have a solid crack at the other finals teams.


Glen Malkin
B Grade Coach



C Grade Report - Rd17

A massive day on the Rocs season 2012 calendar as all teams had the chance to test themselves against the mighty Goodwood Saints, a club boasting more than a decade of success in the topflight of SA Amateur footy. As season 2012 has unfolded the Red & Blacks have done extremely well to have all grades fighting for a finals position as our club has been decimated by long term injury & availability concerns throughout the year.

As the Baby Rocs kicked off the dew to start the triple header of matches the C1 squad looked totally outclassed by a ferocious & physically bigger fired up Goody Saints outfit. During a hard-hitting & dominant 10mins of footy, the Saints did what they pleased teaming up & running the young Rocs boys ragged as they kicked goals from all angles & inflicted bone-jarring tackles & heavy knocks to a second to the ball Rocs lineup. After this onslaught started to ease the Rocs failed to have an impact on the scoreboard failing badly across half forward after some great efforts from our on ballers & running defenders to force the ball into attack. With only defenders Capt. Blood (Simon) Emanuele & young gun Jack McCarron holding sway the Rocs did well to stay in the contest at all. Other players to have an impact in the torrid opening Jersey Boy (Paulo)Emanuele & Young gun Luke Allen did their best to break even with their opponents   
1/4 time scores  Rocs  0-1  1  vs Goodwood Saints  4-3   27

During the 1st break the team was urged to be confident with themselves & focus on the style of footy that had been successful so far this season. Some positional moves were put into place & our attack on ball & player highlighted, now we had use of the medium breeze & the favored Guy Sebastian Memorial End goal square to focus our forward entries toward, our boys made a strong commitment to each other & then took total control at the beginning of the second qtr, dominating the centre square to efficiently advance the sherrin into our forward zone. Full Forward Hados Edwards won his position
to have multiple shots on goal bagging 2gls & hitting the uprights a couple of times this didn’t help our cause. Jess (Abswing) Abfalter & Luke Allen also kicked truly but with the Baby Rocs dominating play & some wayward kicking at goal we did not force enough scoreboard pressure on the Saints who then battled back into the game & seemingly scored at will to unravel any small advantage the Red & Blacks had worked so hard to maintain. Hard working on-ballers The Wizard (Vic) Pisaniello, Abswing, Chris Ash, Lukey Allen & Luke Polkinghorne tried to steady the Rocs as their opponents again grabbed the games momentum & by qts end had booted the same amount of goals, nullifying the Baby Rocs desperate early charge to be back in the hunt. Other Players to have an impact during the absorbing 2nd qtr were young gun defender Danny Marotti who has been fantastic in his first season of senior footy, Big Mac McKenzie battleling with C1 competitions top ruckman, Grizzly Adams a standout with limited opportunities setting up across half forward, Butch (Matt) McPeake working extremely hard to get to each contested ball around the halfback & wing hotspots & those 3 Amigo's the Emanuele Cousins Capt. Blood, Jersey Boy & the extra ordinary talents of Robbo (Robert) all showing their fearless approach to the contest when their team needed.  
2nd qtr score line Rocs 4-5  29  vs  Goody Saints  8-4  52

The third qtr featured a very tight tussle as the Saints onballers & halfbacks ran to support each other gaining control, then the Rocs fighting back well but could not kick seemingly any score to keep the game in the balance. The 3rd qtr had both teams struggling on the scoreboard Rocs with only 1pt & Saints kicking 1gl 3pts.This was another example of our squad still having the talent to mix with the best despite our ongoing fitness, injury & availability concerns & must regroup quickly with confidence to finish off well another successful year, attacking the finals with purpose & a hunger to succeed. The last qtr had the Saints accurately scoring & still prepared to run in numbers while the Rocs couldn’t buy a goal with a couple more posters keeping the irony to the fore. Rocs kicking 0gl 5pts to the Goody Saints 4gls 2pts resulting in the Red & Blacks only scoring majors during the 2nd Qtr.

What was evident all over the hallowed turf @ the Home of Football, the Goodwood Saints team was much more desperate, focused & played with a much higher intensity than the Rocs side could muster in the contest. 
The Rocs had made a major impact on the opposition showing they are still very capable to match it with the top of the table side but couldn’t keep momentum of play long enough each stanza to impact the scoring. Goody Saints played as if the game was a final & the Baby Rocs must all learn from this result & aim on improving efforts needed to stay in the contest long enough to dampen the Saints passion to win. Our young charges had been intimidated by the size difference & ferocious attack for the first time in a long while as we come up against much bigger opponents every round this season.

A fine effort by fill in Fullback Steve (Russdog) Russo as he had the unenviable task of 'minding' the Saints Mild mannered Monolith of a young man waiting down at Full forward & did a top job restricting his man to 3gls after an umpiring decision went harshly against the committed Russdog early in the first qtr.  

Final scores  Rocs  4-11  35   vs  Goodwood Saints   13-9  87

Goalkickers- H.Edwards 2, J.Abfalter 1, L.Allen 1

Best team man- L.Allen

Best Players- S.Emanuele, J.McCarron, M.McPeake, P.Emanuele, V.Pisaniello

P.S -Great reward to a standout player Capt. Blood Emanuele polling the maximum 20/20 votes in Rd17, Simon has been at the top of his form all season & has led the team with outstanding & fearless play in every game.

Steve Edwards
C Grade Coach