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C Grade Coaches Report R16

The C's 6 goal win against Iggs - A's & B's weekend off

With the A's and B's the weekend off, the C Grade played away against St. Iggs in R16

C Grade Report  - Rd16

The Rocs C1 squad or more importantly the skeletal remains of our squad kept the momentum of our season on track to finish in the top three positions & earn an important double chance in season 2012 Final series. The Baby Rocs have done exceptionally well to stay competitive each week & work towards our team goal of playing in consecutive Final series over the last 3 seasons. A statistic that is absolutely staggering this season, over the 16 rounds of 2012 we have used in excess of 60 different players pulling on the Red & Black colours with only 1 combatant our spiritual leader Simon (Cpt. Blood) Emanuele taking the field in all 16 rounds. Taking stock of our 2/2 record after rd4 (which included 2 great wins & 2 very bad losses) we held an impromptu team meeting to discuss and implement our Game plan & important team rules & expectations for the remainder of 2012.The Supercoach has been totally impressed & extremely satisfied that no matter what our teams make up each week every player has worked tirelessly to keep the Team Goals & standards expected of our Game plan no matter of the scores or our opponents endeavors.

Rd16 had the Baby Rocs playing a 'late' game in the City’s parklands against a modern day traditional rival Old Iggies. It was situation normal as the Supercoach was making frantic calls to squad members or fill-in players as 4 players were now unavailable just 30mins before kickoff. As a couple of calls hit their mark With all last minute adjustments to the teams structure & positional moves taken care of the Rocs kicking against a fierce breeze played out a great qtr of footy & hard work as we absorbed all that a desperate Iggies could had out in the trying conditions. 3 players to have standout contributions during the qtr, leading our ruck division a young first year utility player Maxi Martin has been outstanding when used in the important position, Maxi yet again set the Rocs Machine in motion winning his share of tap outs, giving onballers Abswing  Abfalter, Lukey Polkinghorne & Nadeem Shadiac an even spread of contested ball to work with. Josh O’Leary (another 1st year player) was electrifying across half forward, the extremely quiet young man with confidence skyhigh gave his teammates a winning forward to kick to and an avenue towards goal as he was Best on ground by a clear margin during the hectic & physical first qtr. Another 'young’ player (celebrating his 20th birthday) the enigmatic Paulo (Jersey boy) Emanuele was needed to play across Halfback away from his favored Goal sneaky position, Jersey Boy has been called on a few times this season to help out across Halfback & it is ridiculous the way Jersey can easily transform & totally dominate play away from his preferred spot, reading the play superbly & positioning himself to gain those extra milliseconds of time critically needed to effectively set the next play on goal up for his teammates, as his decision making & disposal are always 1st class. Important goals kicked against the strong wind were scored by Jacko McCarron (another 1st year player in great form) & the One Leggered Ranga Hados Edwards. Hados has been fantastic since returning to our squad, clearly not 100% fit as he has struggled over the last 12mths with a severe groin injury. Rocs favorite Ranga (Red Head) can still dominate from the goal square & has featured in the better players each week he has been available. During the qtr the Rocs players had to adapt to the conditions & it was very pleasing to witness the hard work needed as we ran the ball from defense & using chip kicks & a keeping possession style of game plan found an alternative way to attack the forward area.
1/4 times Scores  Rocs 2-0 12  vs  Old Iggies  2-4  16

It took the Rocs team most of the 2nd qtr to handle the breeze properly as we would dominate play but not use this advantage on the scoreboard. Then stop running to let Iggies control play making our defensive 6 work o/time but as usual in 2012 the Rocs defenders absorb the pressure & create another attacking move upfield. Our defensive unit is critically important to Rocs C1 game plan being executed properly & have been dominant in all but  a handful of qtrs so far this season regardless of personnel changes so far this season. As the Rocs finally scored goals to finish off the hard work rate & efforts around the contests by their teammates the Red & Blacks looked like a serious challenger to this year’s title. A player critical to our success Sam (Funky) Millard was used again in defense following a great performance last week. The Funk controlled the backlines from the first qtr & once Jersey Boy took a heavy knock late in the term became the General in defense to constantly repel any forward attacks from Old Iggies. With Hados on fire @ full forward even kicking accurately from set shots with 3-2, Shads & Abswing doing well on the ball, Cpt Blood & the Funk controlling defense, Robbo Emanuele & Butch McPeake working hard around the wings, Grizzly Adams across half forward providing options & Wombat Davies in some great form onball we went into halftime with a handy 3 goal lead as we held Iggies scoreless during the second term.  
1/2 time scores Rocs  5-4 34  vs  Old Iggies  2-4  16

During the long break only a glance was needed to asses any injury concerns as our just holding together squad took an excited rest as now everyone couldn’t wait 2 rush back to the contest, with everyone confidant our relentless tackling & harassment around the ground had set up the standard needed to win the contest. Usual team runner Mad Al Kelly restricted by long term injury has stood up to the call & will play out the season in some capacity but the courageous young man had spent his petrol tickets by 1/2 time & was moved up field to assist another injured but determined Rocs player.

Hados & Kells worked well together out of the goal square giving their teammates a formidable forward structure to work through.1st year player Alex Trevorrow has taken his chances this season & his development to mix it with senior players has been great to watch. Again this week Young Al ran straight into the heat of battle was nearly decapitated twice but did not ease up until the umpire awarded him a free kick. Inspiring work from the young man.

As the second half unfolded the Rocs worked frantically & persistently to hold a charging Old Iggies using the wind as momentum to launch a third qtr assault on the scoreboard. The Rocs did enough to score against the breeze and still, held a two goal advantage going into the last qtr. During this qtr a young Irishman (working at Rossy College) made his mark on the season. Young Shane (Duffman) Duffy has been consistently on the training track & his only appearance this season was in a rout vs Walkerville in round 3 but has stayed persistent & improved his fitness levels & disposal skills over
the weeks and after starting in a forward pocket moved into defense to blanket his opponent & Duffmans determination  & second/third efforts sent a clear message to all that Duffman is ready & able to be relied on.
3/4 time scores  Rocs  6-7  43  vs Old Iggies 4-7  31

The Rocs certainly needed no extra motivation to start the final qtr, with Maxi winning another clean tap our onballers with lightning fast ball movement had the footy on our leading forwards chest in under 15 secs with only inaccuracy halting some superb team footy. Converting 3 out of 5 blistering attacks on goal in the first ten minutes then had a negative effect on the team  & during a break in play arguing with the man in charge of a contentious decision dropped our intensity to let Old Iggies back in the game but as Iggies surge dropped away the Rocs team kept attacking strongly to finish with 5-4 and run over the Old Iggies persistent efforts.   
Final scores  Rocs  11-11  77   vs  Old Iggies 5-8  38 

Huge game this week as we meet C1 ladder leaders & reining premiers Goodwood Saints in a huge day on the social calendar, the young Rocs side must meet this top of the table contest front on & confidant although undermanned in skill level & experience we have no-one doubting our team play & fierce approach at the ball & player.

Goal kickers -  H.Edwards 5, A.Kelly 2, J. McCarron 1, S.Adams 1, N.Shadiac 1, J.Abfalter 1

Best team man: N.Swincer

Best 6 Players:  S.Millard, H. Edwards , S. Emanuele, N. Shadiac, M. Martin, J. O’Leary
PS: Just as a very satisfied coach was quietly savouring a great win & well earned frothy two of our inform & better players over the last three weeks (the Velvet Sledgehammer (Funky) & a yogurt eating Wombat) said goodbye then reminded the Supercoach that both were traveling to Sydney this week & wouldn’t be available !!! Normal service has resumed !!!!

Steve Edwards
C Grade Coach