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Coaches Report - R15

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Coaches Report

A Grade - Round 15 V SPOC at Caterer’s Oval 28/7/2012

The start of the game was promising where we had majority of the play in the first 10 minutes and seemed determined to put the disappointment of the last two games behind us.  Our intensity at the football was good but we let ourselves down with poor delivery into the forward line.  SPOC on the other hand moved the ball deep into their 50 and ended up kicking 4 goals 5 from 9 forward 50 entries for the quarter. 

The ROCS were still in the game throughout the second quarter but never really gained the ascendency they had in the first 10 minutes of the game.  SPOC continued to get their hand on the contested footy and although not necessarily being clean or pretty, they managed to bustle the ball to advantage and caught us flat footed on many occasions.  At half time we were only down by two goals, kept in the game mainly by the inaccurate kicking for goals by SPOC.  Craig Holm was giving his everything and was ably supported especially in the first quarter by Will O’Malley. Tom Taylor and Steve McKenna were also busy early in the game but faded as it went on.

Needing a lift in work rate in the second half, we were overcome by SPOC doing exactly that. They dominated stoppages and inside 50’s for the quarter and should have been a lot further in front at three quarter time had it not been for inaccurate kicking.  At one stage they kicked 1 goal 6 in a fifteen minute period.  Craig Holm and Chris Pahl were lone rangers in their ability to find the footy and put up any type of resistance, and Tom Bowler started getting the better of his opponent.

Despite not being completely out of the contest at three quarter time the last quarter panned out as somewhat of a formality for SPOC.  With the game breaking open ROCS had many chances to move the ball forward but were riddled with skill errors and some poor communication on several occasions. With SPOC’s clean and quick entry forward Tom Bowler and Matthew Bazzica stood up extremely well as the game went on with numerous spoils and second efforts.  Paul Fantasia and Scott Gilbert fought hard all day and were cleaner than most without dominating.  Mick Aloisi kept on trying all day and Drew Litster made the most of his very limited opportunities.  Ultimately it was left up to too few which has been the common theme with our most disappointing losses.

Best Players: Craig Holm, Will O’Malley, Matthew Bazzica, Tom Bowler, Scott Gilbert, Paul Fantasia
Goal Kickers: Drew Litster 3, Mick Aloisi 1, Tom Birch 1, Jack Nelligan 1, Craig Holm 1

The B’s had a very similar day results wise as the A’s and just couldn’t get any momentum for a significant period.  Well done to Stevo and the C’s with a good win and to salvage some pride for the club on the day.

Matthew Dawes
A Grade Coach


B Grade Report - R15

The B grade had its run of 7 straight wins halted by a bigger and well drilled SPOC team at SPOC on the weekend. SPOC started well kicking the first 3 goals before we really switched on and started playing accountable man on man football. Having had a couple of easy wins in the past month, we probably were able to cover up a few improvement areas. SPOC were a hard running side and we were found out early for a lack of work rate.

When we picked up our work rate our next 2 and a half quarters were very good and we more than matched SPOC for pressure and intensity. From half way through the first quarter till three quarter time we outscored them 6-2 to 4-8. There is plenty to say about playing catch up footy, which we did all day and in the end were just couldn't hurt them on the scoreboard enough.

Our skill level was also poor and we turned the ball over a lot and our forward pressure was non-existent really. In the last quarter we had as much of the ball. We kicked 3 behinds and SPOC kicked 3 goals to record a 29 point win against us. At 3 quarter time momentum was definitely with us, but with better ball use SPOC was able to steady and put score board pressure back on us and it was too much to peg back late in the game.

Shannon Castellano has had a very consistent month of footy out of the back pocket and was best team man for his consistent attack on the ball and ability to cover his opponent. Sam Tagg was 5th best on the weekend. He may be small in stature, but he has no fear and throws his body into contests against much bigger blokes. He also shows a lot of poise and generally uses the ball well. Reece Digance has been good in a variety of positions since his return from overseas and playing in ruck and then having to move into the backline to man up on SPOCs tall forward line, Reece has had to adapt a lot. He competes well in all contests and reads the ball well. He certainly beat his man when he had to move into defence. Dan Gilbert was 3rd best and playing on the ball and across half forward, Gilbo is one of the players who leads ahead of the ball giving an option and works hard to get to contests. His work rate is really good and an improvement in his disposal would see his chances of A grade increase. Henry Schilling is a no nonsense player and is a tough and hard in and under player. His value in the centre of the ground is invaluable and he helped win our share of contests and centre breaks. Finally our best player was Sam Bridge, in his first game back in about 2 months. While Bridgey didn't dominate in the air, his work rate was outstanding and his second effort set a standard that his team mates should take on board. He worked tirelessly in ruck and at centre half forward and was clearly our most influential player on the weekend.

Our last 3 games are against all other top 5 sides and once the minor round is over, we will have a pretty good idea of where we stand going into the finals. We'll rest up this weekend (hopefully get a few players back) and attack the next 3 weeks hard, building up to a finals series.

Glen Malkin
B Grade Coach



C Grade - R15



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Steve Edwards
C Grade Coach