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Coaches Report - R11

Late Mail - C's uploaded now for both R10 & R11 plus A's & B's

Coaches Report - R11

A Grade Report
Round 11 V Salisbury North at Salisbury North 30/6/2012

After another 4 changes to the side that lost to Gaza the A grade seem somewhat accustomed to being a little unbalanced from week to week.  In what was a significant turn around from last week the ROCS were out of the blocks again with a greater hunger than the opposition, showing desperation and willingness to work hard across the ground.  The backline and in particular Tom Bowler stood up extremely well in the first quarter and repelled each attack with skill and poise.  The main disappointment for the quarter was our entry into the forwardline being a little clumbsy and finishing off in front of goal was again and issue. 

The second quarter saw a repeat of the first with Craig Holm and Will O’Malley strong in the clearances and John Corbett, Chris Pahl and Scott Gilbert coming back from injury getting plenty of the ball.  Once again though we let ourselves down in front of goal kicking 3 goals 11 for the half.  The game at this stage should have been beyond doubt but instead we led by 8 points.  There was serious concern about a repeat of the first time we played them.  In round 2 we wasted early opportunities when we had control, and then in the second and third quarter they lifted their work rate and over ran us.

In the third quarter we looked to repeat our efforts in the first half with inaccuracy only to have Chris Pahl and Craig Holm kick good late goals to add some pressure on the scoreboard.  Patrick Murphy playing his first A grade game in a long while was strong in the ruck backing up Mick Aloisi who also had a good game.  Damien Moyle kept up his run of good form and Steve McKenna had another strong game and has been a real breath of fresh air to the side.  With Luke Manual sustaining a shoulder injury Steve may be the one to stand up and take a permanent forward position.
The last quarter was one we need to assess and learn from.  After kicking the first goal quite quickly we seemed in an unbeatable position only to do our best to squander it.  In the last fifteen of so minutes of the game Salisbury North kicked about 6 unanswered goals and were a completely different side to the one we’d been playing for the first 3 and a bit quarters.  They ran forward hard, took risks and finished off very well in front of goal.  We on the other hand, were flat footed, very fumbly and failed to hit targets.  The final siren couldn’t come quick enough and eventually went in time for us to secure a 12 point (literally) win.

In other interesting news it was a round of upsets with SHOCS winning their first game against SPOC who had previously only lost to us and Salisbury North, Gepps Cross convincingly beat Broadview who look a less and less likely finals contender, and Goodwood Saints beat an inaccurate Gaza.

The B grade had yet another good win after many forced changes and have refound their mojo.  Coach became playing coach and even snagged a goal.  Well done to the C grade on another big win and are looking the goods second on the ladder.


Matthew Dawes
A Grade Coach

B Grade Report - R11 vs Salisbury North

The B-grade travelled up to Salisbury North and was able to register an important 43 point win to help make a break on other teams vying for a finals spot. The match was played in all types of weather with rain in the first half and bright sun in the second half.  Knowing the rain would be coming it was important to get a good start. Patrick Holland Jeremy O’Leary and Ryan Tarcagot us off to a good start kicking goals in the first quarter to help open up a 12 point lead at quarter time. 8 scoring shots to 6 in the first quarter suggests that the contest was reasonable even, however we certainly controlled the ball and only some loose checking in the back line allowed Salisbury North to have easy shots at goal.
The second quarter saw us rewarded for our domination, kicking 4 goals to 2 to have a handy 25 point lead at half time. Trent Versace was sweeping across half back well and repelling the ball repeatedly. Elliott Shirley has grown in confidence and taken on the responsibility of centre half back really well in the past couple of weeks. Daniel Baillie and Tom Taylor were getting plenty of possession around the centre of the ground  and Luke Sheridan and Ryan Castellano were lively in attack. New comer Paddy Brennan was put to full forward when Ryan Tarca had to come off with a dislocated finger in a marking contest and Paddy presented really well and attacked the ball hard and was rewarded with his first goal in footy. Charlie O’Malley had a big task in ruck and got on top of the ruck contests during the second quarter and ran the game out reasonably well.

A 41 point lead at 3 quarter time had the game won and this lead   due to the shutdown tactics of our back six.  Shannon Castellano and Daniel Marotti are honest back pocket players, restricting their opponents to minimal possessions and influence. Sam Wilson read the ball well at full back and works hard when the ball goes to ground, and Andy O’Connor continues to give good drive and run from half back. Joshy Danielle started on the interchange and gave plenty of run and racked up some stats when put onto the wing in the second half.

Our last quarter was disappointing as we could have done with trying to boost our percentage, however we took our foot off the pedal and 2 goals each resulted in a lack lustre last term.  We lacked defensive pressure and didn’t work hard enough when we didn’t have the ball. We certainly need to work on this for when we play teams in the finals mix.

Patrick Holland was named best player for his 3 goals and work in ruck around the ground. Paddy worked his way into the game well and him and Charlie O’Malley won the ruck position by the days end. Trent Versace has played great team footy in the past month and collected second best player. Charlie O’Malley was third best. He played his first full game in almost a month and worked hard in ruck and around the ground all day. Ryan Castellano’s experience and good skills are important to the side getting good drive into the forward line and was forth best for the day. Henry Schilling found plenty of the ball as a ruck rover and is getting some early season form back, keeping his head over the ball and attacking the ball hard earnt him fifth best for the day.

It was good to go up to Salisbury and come away with a win. Another big game awaits next week when we take on Sacred Heart OC and it is important for the side to continue building on its winning streak.

Glen Malkin
B Grade Coach



C Grade Report - R10 & R11 - Late Mail  !!!

Rd 10  Rocs  vs  Gaza

Rd 10 had the Rocs C1 squad meeting Gaza away in a late game at the end of a very wintery cold & rainy Adelaide week. Both clubs had their share of ups & downs in the days preceding this clash with the Rocs boys using all of our available playing resources to field a side & Gaza having a week to forget with turmoil erupting within their proud club. As both teams assembled at the picturesque LJ Lewis Reserve in the foreground of Yalta Prison the oval looked like a through back from days gone by with the weeks deluge of rain leaving 85% of the playing surface resembling mud baths with a few tufts of green grass here & there.
The Baby Rocs side seemed to resemble a posse of henchmen as the Supercoach & Cpt. Blood had been keeping Telstra afloat with many phone calls to old stagers & the recently retired urging a few to pull on the Red & Black Guernsey "one more time" in an effort to keep the C grade's winning run in tact.

The game was underway with a new forward structure featuring lightning pace with The Pres. Troy(Barndog)Barnes at the goalmouth flanked by the glacier like (but highly skilled) Stevie J Marotti & changing on ballers Abswing(jess)Abfalter or the Snorkel Zamparelli. no sooner had the first minute ticked by the Rocs were down to one interchange player as the Duck Dzido & Madog Al Kelly (our usual runner) both down for the count with injury & could take no further part in the game. This didn’t seem to harm the Rocs squad as with a bit of re jigging here & there had the Rocs full of confidence & once on the scoreboard were never in a position to loose the game in a physical & entertaining contest. These Gaza boys with a first game in charge newly appointed playing coach & plenty of experience & vigor certainly made the Rocs side earn every kick or possession& all the while came up with some of the finest sledging of an opponent heard in years. Fair Dinkum lucky the Poms weren’t in Adelaide preparing for a test match, they would have been in tears & heading for the airport if in earshot of just a couple of gems from the Gaza boys.

A couple of highlights worthy of big wrap from this one-sided game in trying conditions Jersey boy (Paulo) Emanuele was banned from his comfort zone in the forward goal square & sent to Center Half Back which was a 'new' position in the Jersey boys vocabulary. Taking this challenge with both hands the young goal sneak took the game on from the first kick & completely dominated the halfback line all day to poll a staggering 20/20 votes for his game.

A great return to the field by our beloved Rocfc President Troy (Barndog) Barnes relishing the conditions to give his side a formidable target to aim for going forward as he set up scoring opportunities for his teammates & booted 3 goals himself in a great return to football. Young gun Maxi Martin has had to adjust and alter his workload in his first year of senior footy playing allsorts of roles & positions when his team needs him Rd10 had Maxi leading the ruck division and not only competed but took over to be the dominant ruckman on the park setting the Rocs machine into motion.

This round also had the return to battle from Matty (Hot Sauce) Sauer, Nick (swinna) Swincer & the Pooch Paul Harris donning the Rocs Guernsey & performing at their best for their team. Other young guns Josh O’Leary & Alex Trevorrow contributed to the win & are developing some fine form in their first season of senior footy.

One of the C grades X Factors Cheese Arnfield put on his usual display of sublime skill as we have missed the Cheese's special talents this season due to work commitments. C grade regulars Cpt. Blood (Simon) Emanuele & young mop top bear wrestler Grizzly (Scott) Adams have been influencing games over the season & it seems a standout game is just around the corner, they along with silky smooth Abswing & the Wizard Pisaniello have been shining lights in a ever-changing lineup over

Goalkickers - S.Marotti 4, T.Barnes 3, J.Abfalter 2, P.Arnfield 1, R.Brown 1, S.Adams 1, N.Bartold 1,  M.Martin 1

Best players
P.Emanuele, V.Pisaniello, M.Martin, T.Barnes, J.O'Leary
Best team man- M.McPeake


Rd 11  ROCS vs Salisbury North FC

The Baby Rocs were tested again on selection night with our playing stocks now totally exhausted. Luckily a few of the Rocs yr 12 boys had traveled down the hill to Campbelltown oval to train and put in their desire to play during the school holiday period. The Red & Blacks assembled a team that would kick off in the early game of a triple header away vs Salisbury North FC. With light rain falling during the first half of an important fixture the Baby Rocs had to adjust to the physical pressure applied by the Hawks onballers who were prepared to run & spread all around the park, forcing the ball forward with
a bullish & hard-hitting style of play.

The Rocs squad absorbed the initial onslaught & soon started to dominate general play with our No1 ruckman Big Mac McKenzie back in the lineup, working well with our new look engine room around the contests giving Abswing Abfalter, Matty (hot sauce) Sauer & young
gun Tyler Gava (in his second game of senior grade football) first use of the footy sending the ball into attack and providing the Rocs forwards with many
chances to score however inaccuracy cost our team once again leading at Qtr time 2-5 17 vs Sals Nth 2-0  12.

The second term was a hard physical slog as the Hawks would not let the pacy Rocs side breakaway & linkup with our attacking style of play & kept numbers around each contest to style the Rocs best efforts to score quickly
as we have in most games this season.  1/2 time scores Rocs 4-5  vs Sals Nth 2-3.

A few adjustments to our lineup were needed after halftime with many players used in totally different positions to utilise our best available onball match ups. The Rocs once again had many chances to create some real distance between the chasing Hawks but again wasted our scoring opportunities on goal & could only manage 1-5 to Sals Nths 1-2 from a dominate qtr of football. So although having played well enough to be leading comfortably the door was still left ajar because of our inaccuracy in a close contest.  3/4 time scores Rocs 5-10  vs Sals Nth  3-5.
During the last break the Rocs boys set ourselves team goals to attain before the full time siren to ensure the best chance of winning the game. The final qtr was soon burst wide open as the Rocs relentless run & support to teammates began to overwhelm the Hawks & we found the radar towards goal to slam home 7-1 in a satisfying & team building finish to the hard-fought contest.

The Rocs stormed home to win led by a standout performance from Grizzly (Scott) Adams who mixed it in the rough & tough clashes & applied enough forward pressure to create a multitude of chances for his team while bagging 3 goals as well. A very quiet & unassuming young man in wingman Josh O'Leary continued his fine recent form to dominate his position all-day. Watch out for young guns Joshy O and Tyler Gava over the next few footy seasons as both young men posses that little extra that will make them valuable players for the Rocs footy club in the future. Young gun Gava booting 3 goals after moving to the wing in the last qtr was one of many highlights during the final stanza, with assistant coach Paul (whitty) Whitford reluctantly coming out of retirement for his club the former key defender teamed up well with a slightly injured Jersey boy Emanuele (allowed back to the forward setup) both bagged 2 goals for the game.  Fulltime scores Rocs 12-11 83 def Sals Nth 5-6 36
Goalkickers - S.Adams 3, T.Gava 3, P.Whitford 2, P.Emanuele 2, J.McCarron 1, N.Bartold 1
Best players - S.Adams, L.Polkinghorne, J.O'Leary, T.Gava, J.Abfalter, A.McKenzie
Best team man -N.Bartold

Steve Edwards
C Grade Coach