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Adelaide Footy League advises the following information regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its potential impact on the 2020 season.

As advised, the Adelaide Footy League Executive convened this morning to digest and dissect all current information and arrive at a position that offers some short term relief to the understandable uncertainty and questions fielded by The League to date.
The Adelaide Footy League advises the following information regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its potential impact on the 2020 season.

The health and safety of AdFL staff, players, umpires, club personnel and spectators is paramount. You should be very aware if not confident that The League is closely monitoring the situation in consultation with the AFL, SANFL, relevant government bodies and health authorities.

However, we are also conscious that football plays a role in providing a balance to our members’ lives though we need to consider the risk as the rest of the world is.

The Adelaide Footy League will use the Australian Football League’s benchmark of a review of May 31 for all State League Competitions as its own. NOTE: Review which will be ongoing.

Should, as hoped the impact of COVID-19 is re-assessed to a degree that would allow State Leagues to recommence post-May 31, The League Executive have determined the following position effective immediately.

1.    The 2020 Adelaide Footy League Season will be reconfigured to commence on the weekend of June 13 2020 with a 9 round competition or other for smaller competitions
a.    At the very least this would allow each team to play each other once offering some level of competition integrity.
2.    Finals schedules will be announced at a later date.
3.    An option to freeze any Promotion and Relegation at the completion of any season played if required.

Given the circumstances, The League has no control over the likelihood of our plan materializing though it offers some semblance in which we can focus our attention in competition management and our clubs a plan in which to work towards albeit a hybrid competition.

The League will continue the process of re-establishing its own risks.

We realise that some may remain frustrated and we would obviously prefer to be in a position where we can continue as normal, but that is neither realistic or possible at this juncture.

It is not lost on us that the challenge to retain player, volunteer and member engagement will be at the forefront of your minds. Your local knowledge of your own member base would supersede that of any advice we may offer other than recommending this issue and the following form the basis of your own internal touch points as listed below:

Potential Club Agendas

•    Identifying your specific responsibilities and risks ie.
o    financial impact i.e. All football is cancelled for season 2020
o    financial impact i.e. As planned
o    Establishing list of creditors to identity financial risks
-    Apparel
-    Medical
-    Utility Suppliers
•    Player/Member engagement
o    E-statements
•    Opening lines of communications with asset manager from relevant Council
•    Communicating with Sponsors

General Competition/Club matters

Question - Other than standard medical guidelines, what is our response if a player, volunteer or Club member is infected or is suspected to be infected?  Answer - WIP

Question - If one team chooses to forfeit a game due to the health risk – what is the result for them and the response of the League?  Answer - WIP

Question - What is our policy in relation to attendance at matches, and limiting mass gatherings of more than 500 people? Answer – We will continue to refer to Government advice

Question - What constitutes large gatherings ? Answer – We continue to seek advice from relevant authorities

Should we need to delay / postpone matches:

Question - What is the trigger point for delaying/postponing games?  Answer – WIP. We will be forming policy around that in the coming weeks

Question - How many clubs affected, should require a revision to the league fixture ? Answer – WIP. We will be forming policy around that in the coming weeks

Should we need to cancel matches:

Question - Do we have to pay contracted players?  Answer - only if they play

Question - What is the insurance policy on offer?  Answer – WIP. We continue to seek advice from relevant authorities

Question - Is there a broader AFL industry support model for Community Clubs ? Answer – WIP

There is no doubt there will be other questions. We will be collating an FAQ page via our website so encourage questions by email to list for the collective to consider.

The League will continue the task of assessing its own risks and as we come to know more outside of Community Announcements, we will keep the lines of communication open to all Member Clubs.


John Kernahan | Chief Executive Officer