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D2 GF Confirmed - ROCFC vs SPOC & C's through to the GF against PAOC

September 10th at Thebarton Oval - A Grade + C Grade details to come

Division 2 Grand Final - ROCFC vs SPOC - confirmed

See the flyer here.

September 10th at Thebarton Oval


(SPOC 12 16 (88)  Defeated Uni 07 11 (53) in the Preliminary Final)

C2 - C Grade Grand Final

PAOC vs ROCFC - confirmed
10.15am Thebarton Oval

(ROCFC 09 14 (68)  Defeated SPOC 09 07 (61) in the Preliminary Final)

After-match function is now at The Alma Hotel

Match presentations, player interviews, full bar facilities and food available.