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Coaches Report R16 & Congratulations Chris Pahl plays game 100

C's report now uploaded - A's & B's record good wins over Uni

R16 - Congratulations to Chris Pahl who played game 100 for the club on Saturday against Uni.

A Grade Report - R16

There was a lot to like about this performance!

We played with good energy in the first quarter and created opportunities through excellent run from defence and smooth movement through the middle of the ground. Our tackling and pressure around stoppages was good and we were clearly up for the contest, which was good to see. The only negative was that we missed shots at goal which should’ve been kicked and which would’ve put us in a dominant position. Some of our ball movement was excellent with players lifting their eyes and picking good targets. It is important to start well in big games but also to ensure that we get score on the board to reward our efforts.

After they started well in the second quarter, feeding off a couple of mistakes, we began to play really well and basically pinned them in their back half for long periods of time with excellent pressure from our forwards and our midfield. Our zone was very difficult for them to penetrate, our backline continued to repel haphazard attacks with real confidence and our tackling and pressure were causing real grief for our opponents and prevented any fluency in their skills. We still missed a few chances, however, we did put more score on the board than earlier. Our first half was the sort of football that wins finals; tough, skilled, consistent, uncompromising.

Adelaide University played much better in the second half and were able to generate cleaner movement and had better targets to aim at. We definitely contributed to this through making skill and decision errors and just relaxing the pressure around the ball. Even a slight let up in intensity opens the door and allows teams back in the game. We need to keep being ruthless in our approach. We were under a degree of threat if this continued.

The last quarter saw us back on top and although we let them score too easily, we also scored enough to slightly extend our lead and to carve out a solid win against a top three contender. Again we should’ve kicked more goals from our forward entries but we were a little unbalanced and probably a bit tired given it was a fairly warm day, finals like in many ways.

Even in our worst moments on Saturday we still tackled and chased and worked hard and rarely conceded clean movement away from stoppage and we always looked a chance to score ourselves. We also looked like we were never going to allow them to get too close and that, despite some scoreboard pressure coming onto us, we had the situation under control.

Better players were Will O'Malley, Anthony Medhurst, Peter Baccanello, Luke Manuel, Craig Holm, Scott Gilbert, Ben Birch.

This week at Port District is a big challenge as we strive to be unbeaten away from home for the year and to build for the finals.

Tim Hart
A Grade Coach



B Grade Report

ROCS b-grade handed out to Adelaide University on their second loss for the year, and cemented a spot in this years finals series. In a tough and super competative four quarter effort, the ROCS lads were able to absorb the pressure and play good team footy to win by 32 points on a great day for footy.

The first 3 quarters were very close, as we led by 4 points at quarter time, 8 points at half time and 7 points going into the last term. All year we have realized that our pace and run are our teams strength and using that in the last quarter we were able to kick 4 goals to nothing to register a unique win against Adelaide Uni. After the game quite a few of our older 'experienced' players siad it is the first time they have every beaten Uni.

This win came from pressure and intensity at the ball and harrassing the opposition when they controlled the ball.  We never let up on the pressure all day and forced our opposition into mistakes and as a result turning the ball back over to us. As our confidence has grown over the past month so has our ability to use the ball and move the ball on quickly up the ground to give our forwards an even chance.

We still have some improving to do as a team with voice and instruction to help our teammate use the ball more effectively and try to reduce 2 and 3 players going for the same mark or loose ball on the ground. If we can get some more instruction and leadership around the contest we can improve even more.

In a quality team effort, it was hard to select the final 5 best players. Special mentions must go to captain Jonno Trenorden and Chris Cialini. Both are fantastically hard at the ball and contest and their tackling and pressure would lift their team mates to better efforts. Chili has moved into the centre and midfield in the past couple of weeks and has sholdered the extra responsibility well and its great to find some extra versatility in the side.

Dale Sheedy in the forward line and on the ball provides a strong marking option and never gets beaten in a contest, and Reece Digance's second half was very good providing a strong target up forward. 5th best from todays game went to full back Charlie O'Malley who easily won his position, filled in the hole well down back and used the ball well when he had possession. His long arms helps him spoil his opponent even when he seems out of position caught behind. 4th best was another backman who won his position and created a good deal of run out of the back line.Patrick Holland is fierce with his attack on the loose ball and if he can finish off his disposals a bit better, he can be even better for the team.

3rd best went to Patrick Murphy who has lead the rucks for most of the year with enthusiasm and gives his all every time. Murph swung momentum in our favour in the last term with a fantastic contest at half forward, when he seemed well out of it. We were able to score from the  contest that spilled the ball free from the opposition and everyone lifted from that point on. Jeremy O'Leary was awarded second best for his efforts on the ball and in the forward line. There's not much stature to Jezz, but most of him is heart. His tackling, chasing and pace for a little fella is amazing and needed in this team. Best player for the game went to centre half back, Eamonn Hanna. Eamonn has a great ability to read the play and takes very good contested marks. He controlled centre half back all day and forced Uni to try and find another avenue to goal, because Eamonn stopped everything that came his way.

The win against Uni has cemented a finals berth for the b-grade and its really exciting and a great thing for the club that all three grades will be playing in finals in 2011. We must recognise that we have opportunity and we need to grab it while it exists.  We will prepare as best we can over the next month and a half and give it our best shot.

Glen Malkin
B Grade Coach


C Grade Report

Rocs C Grade played at the home of football Roc Park against an old foe in Adelaide Uni. Uni had been in very good recent form and our boys had fallen last week. The game started with the Rocs moving the ball forward with precision andquicklyahead on the scoreboard. The boys teamed up well and then inexplicably stopped playing for each other only to see Adel uni match the Rocs on the scoreboard, then kick ahead !!! 1/4 time scores Rocs 4-1 vs Adel uni 4-3.

The second qtr had Adel uniquickly into attack and scoring to set up a handy lead. The Rocs team then had to play catch up football, wasted many attacking forays with shocking disposal that had dire consequences and gave Uni an easy avenue to goal. Luke [moses]Dubois was in great form across half forward and soon had to contend with 2 or 3 opponents. Disappointingly the Rocs boys failed to capitalise on Moses’ good form and Uni picked up the crumbs and went into attack. Hadyn [h-bomb] Edwards returned from a long absence and soon showed why he has been sorely missed,dominating on his wing, while displaying silky smooth skills and hard running. Tim [drovers dog] Felice also had plenty of the ball but maybe tried too hard and was caught in possession a few times. The Drovers dog will learn from this and become an even more valuable player. 1/2 time scores Rocs 6-4 vs Adel uni 7-6.

After half time Uni again scored first holding the Rocs at bay and extending their a very hard fought encounter. Accurate kicking is mandatory and luckily Uni missed some shots on goal to have our boys still in the hunt. As usual some fine defending from Mr Fabulous-Craig Fabbian and Captain Blood Simon Emanuele helped their team with their usual dour defensive actions. CJ [bobcat] Jones lead the ruck against a top class opponent and never gave up helping his teams cause. 3/4 time scores Rocs 7-6 vs Adel uni 8-12.

During 3/4 time huddle the Rocs team was urged to switch on and play as a team but Uni once again had all the answers and scored first. The Rocs boys responded with a couple of long range goals to Jesse [Abs]Abfalter and Nick [Big Nick] Rendell but time was running out. During an exciting last part of the game Uni held on grimly to keep our boys at bay and record a 6pt win. Uni celebrated a great win and all their players and officials danced onto the field and displayed some real emotion.

With results going our way the Rocs squad still has a chance to finish on top of our division, but must regroup quickly to capitalise on this chance.

T.Felice-2, N.Rendell-2, L.DuBois-1, H.Edwards-1, G.Velez-1, P.Emanuele-1, J.Abfalter-1

Best players
C.Fabbian; C.Jones; S.Emanuele; P.Whitford; H.Edwards

Steve Edwards
C Grade Coach