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Coaches Report - R12

C Grade now uploaded - 3 wins against St Iggs in a triple header in R12

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ROCFC Premiership Reunion - Saturday August 6th 2011

A Grade Report - R12

This was a really solid effort in very tough conditions. We led by 5 points at halftime after they were on on top at the stoppages and were winning clearances through outworking us in close. In the second half we kicked 7 goals 3 to 2 points to record a win where we worked really hard as a team and our physicality was impressive. We were missing Jack Nelligan, Chris Pahl and Damien Moyle then lost Ben Birch in the second quarter so this was a good effort.

Peter Baccanello and Matt Footner were superb. Other good players were Ryan Castellano, Sam Bowler, Craig Holm, Kieran Holland, Matthew Dawes and Michael Aloisi whilst our backline played really well as a unit all day. On a tough day it's fair to say that everyone put their body on the line and tackled ferociously.

Walkerville are the form team in the competition and we will be undermanned next week. This is a massive challenge and a big game in the context of the season at home next week. We look forward to a continued good level of support.

Tim Hart
A Grade Coach



B Grade Report - R12

In really wet conditions the b-grade had a good first quarter 3-3(21) to 1-1(7) which help set up a really good win against 3rd placed St Ignatius.

The win puts us just outside the top 5 and with 4 wins from the past 5 games our confidence is growing. We won 3 out of 4 tight low scoring quarters and although we controlled the ball for much of the match, we didn't hurt the opposition on the scoreboard enough.

While it was a really good win, we still have alot of improving to do in the areas of playing 4 consistent quarters of football and running harder with our opponents.

What was really pleasing was our backline only allowed 3 scoring shots in the first half and Russel Brooks, Eamonn Hanna and Patrick Holland were rock solid in defence. David Eckert stood up and lead from the front in the last quarter and Jonno Trenorden was consistent for 4 quarters. Our best 5 players for the day were awarded to Dan Gilbert (5th best) for his efforts on the wing and playing a smart game behind the clearence setups. Alex McKenzie (4th best) played a good game for a big man and moved the ball on quickly and dominated the last quarter in ruck. 3rd best went to Tom Taylor who relished playing in the wet conditions, being able to get in and under the packs and used the ball well when he broke free of a pack. Jeremy O'Leary palyed his best game for the year as the other rover, with Tommy Taylor. Jezz used his explosive pace and kicked 3 out of the teams 6 goals.

Best player for the second week in a row was Stevie McKenna. Stevie ran all day and was very damaging across half forward. He used the ball well in the slippery conditions, provided plenty of pressure on the opposition and kept his head over the ball all day.

The club welcomed back Matt Bazzica to the seconds this week after 18 months off with an ankle injury. He was a solid contributer from the wing and up forward and will help provide a great deal of experience to our young lads in the team.

A massive challenge against Walkerville this coming week. They sit second on the ladder and if we're going to play finals we need to be able to match and beat this type of team. We will prepare as best we can and give it a good shot.

Glen Malkin
B Grade Coach


C Grade Report - R12

Round 12 saw Rocs "C" grade vs Old Iggies away in an early game that was dark & gloomy & very wet . . . It was wet underfoot, wet in the changerooms, wet in the car parks, wet on the bleachers, wet under umbrellas - very wet indeed. The big challenge for the Rocs squad was to continue their great team play & running game in these conditions .

The Rocs started the game well, although both teams had to handle the conditions that were slippery & wet at best . . After a couple of quick goals Old Iggies steadied, greatly assisted by there No-1 ruckman who kept them in the game with bullocking play to have their scoreboard ticking over. Some outstanding work from Vic (Pissa) Pisaniello led his teams onballers. Pissa is in great touch this season & is always there when his teammates need him. 1/4 time scores were Rocs 4-1 vs Old Iggies 1-0 .

With the wet conditions getting wetter Railways Oval was ablaze at 10.45am with the oval lights turned on. . . Old Iggies held the Rocs boys at bay many times this qtr as their ruckman was still influencing the stoppages & ball ups. To their credit the Rocs kept at the contest & began to control more of the play. Mark Dzido was having an influence on his wing & worked in well with the team. Tim (Drovers Dog) Felice was proving a handful for the Old Iggies defence , with plenty of solid effort. Reece (Digga) Digance also had plenty of the ball & is moving very well after an injury interrupted season. 1/2 time scores Rocs 6-2 vs Old Iggies 1-0.

After the long break Rocs again started well to establish a commanding lead, with many players moved to different positions the hard work & team play was still at its best. The Drovers Dog had moved onto the ball & relished the chance to have a real influence on proceedings.

Jesse Abfalter continued his impressive season (with a very sore ankle) to be in everything that was hard & messy, feeding the ball out to teammates or kicking to position with telling effect. Rhys (Wombat) Davies & Derek (Legga Mutton) Leggett were at the bottom of many packs to ensure Rocs were first to the ball.

Another onballer who is in great form & always works hard is Dan (Baills) Baille who earned Best team man for his efforts. 3/4 time scores Rocs 8-5 vs Old Iggies 2-1.

At 3/4 time the Rocs team was urged to press on with conviction & challenged to kick at least 4goals. The team took up the challenge to totally dominate the play & did manage to kick 4-4 to 1-1 to run out winners by over 60pts. This result will be seen as a good win but in the conditions it was a telling triumph. The final score was Rocs 12-9 vs Old Iggies 3-2. Very pleasing after the final siren was again our spread of goalkickers, ten in total & and we had snuck to the top of the C2 ladder. . . Our challenge now is to see how long we can stay there. The Boys must remain focused & committed to the team, turn up to training to polish their skills as we have many players starting to return from long term injury over the next few weeks & selection nights will become harder & harder.

Best players - Vic Pisaniello, Tim Felice, Paul Bannister, Jess Abfalter, Mark Dzido. 0thers to play very well - Matt Pedler, Alex Kelly, Carlisle Jones, Nick McDonough, Sam Newman, Nick Swincer, Tim Wright.

Steve Edwards
C Grade Coach